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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 06 June 2017 - The end of finaces for terrorists?

"Trump tweeted: 'The begin of the end of terrorism!' supposedly in response to the Saudi-led boycotts of Qatar, the alleged financier of ISIS n other Islamic terrorists groups."

Saudi n Kuwait had been accused of doing the same in the past n the key difference accordingly to some quarters r the Qatar's one is done by its government while the rest merely turned a blind eye to "private" sponsors!!

This act, while appeared to be very sudden, is probably a result of "secret consultation" with the USA when President Trump visited Saudi in his 1st foreign travel.

In 2014, some similar was done too though it was not as serious as closing the borders of Qatar n Saudi!!

The Qatari disputed this claim n r seeking ways to resolve this delicate situation.

This diplomatic spate occurred at a most inconvenient time as in a few weeks time, Muslims fr all other the world will be converging in Mecca to do their haj/pilgrimage, many may be going through Doha!!

Anyway, this is interesting as these oil rich Islamic countries never seem to be taking in the thousand of refugees from the wars - domestic mainly. What will happen now when they start to take side clearly?

For once, I hope Trump is right on this count!! 

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