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Monday, June 5, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 05 June 2017 - 72 years old Ferraris Driver gone mad?

"SINGAPORE: A 72-year-old architect is on trial for allegedly punching a driver along Telok Ayer Street in 2014 when he refused to move his car to make way for her Ferrari.
Shi Ka Yee honked and shouted at the driver, 39-year-old Raphael Chong Yen Ping, before getting out of her red Ferrari, approaching Mr Chong’s car, a BMW, and reaching through the window to punch him in the face."

A feisty 72 old lady!! lol. Rich n wealthy for sure assuming the house n the cars etc. r not on credit but fully paid for. lol again!!

Ok. Ok. It is not funny if u r on tbe receiving end of her weird bahaviours.

Mentally unstable for sure though probably cannot be medically verified, which is good, as she can be trialed as a "normal sane though an indecent" human being. lol.

Should we psycho analysed her?

Why not? It is pure entertainment n most amusing like:

1. bad childhood?;
2. pampered childhood?;
3. rich n wealthy n had grown out-sized ego?;
4. supportive family members (assuming they r like her)?;
5. never met a terrorust before?;
6. any more suggestions?

One thing positive for sure is the "life rain tree" case got rejected by the appeal judge saying: precious court time cannot b wasted on such frivolous case!!

Will she go to jail this time? If so, how would she cope? Should we continue to report on her case progress?

A good laugh in the face if the 7 deac in the London Bridge attack n the almost routine workplace killing in Orlando, Florida USA!

Imagine the 72 yrs old lady has gun!! 

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