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Monday, June 5, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 04 June 2017 - Another terrorist attack in London

Today is June 4th, used to be a big deal in PRC as the tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square n bullets fired to break up the students' led protest killing quite a number of people. A historic moment. Now it has faded into history. For those who want to remember while those who don't or don't know in the 1st place just carried on with life.

"Terrorists attacked on London Bridge with a van n killed with knives randomly while wearing fake suicide bomb belt! 7 were killed n 21 in critical conditions n many more injured! The 3 known attackers were shot dead by 8 police officers discharging reportedly 50 rounds. All within 8 mins after the 1st emergency call was answered."

This will happen again n again as the murderers hv a "different" or plain twisted view of the world n human life.

Minister Shanmugan said today that families n friends of would be radicalized persons who may act out murderous terrorist attacks in Sgp must detect n tell. It 8s critical that they know what to look out for n how they can perform the "detect n tell" with confidence that if they were wrong, their kids r ok. If not, the parental instinct will likely guide them away fr detect n tell even if they had read n observed correctly ALL the tell tales signs.

A big ask. Hopefully done right, can gain many who would give it a go!!

RIP to the dead. Save those on critical conditions. Speedy recovery to the injured. Condolences to the families n friends of the dead. Salute to the law enforcement agencies and the emergency services personnel.

Life must go on. 

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