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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 16 May 2017 - Trump again. OMG!@

Trump supposedly, reported by The Washington Post, shared "secrets" with his Russian buddies at a pre-scheduled meeting in the WH, when he goes "off the script" as he so often had done when he was doing his Reality Show!!

Old habit die hard. Especially when he clearly feels that his old job is much easier compare to this President of the almighty USA thingy. Maybe he still could not believe that he IS (not ISIS) THE President!! Lol!

Many "facts" surfaced since abt what exactly did he shared with the Russian Foreign Minister n the Ambassador to the USA:

1. He just talked any how the USA n Russia can work together to fight terrorism n what had been done recently including the banning of laptop on flights to the USA originating from certain countries of higher risk;

2. some politicians said he might hv leaked something that could put Americans' lives in danger!!;

3. whatever he said were nothing like the secrets that the press made them out to be! Etc. etc...

The funny thing is I m following this news. When rightfully it should be the Americans that need to deal with this democratically elected President!

Even the allies that supposedly shared whatever secrets with Trump's USA n didn't intend for it to be shared with others should not bother since it is the President who, if true, "leaked" the "secrets"!

Intel will pass. Tactics n strategies to deal with terrorism WILL evolve n change as the dynamic situation changes.

As long as no operatives r exposed to danger, just chill n relax. Sit back n enjoy the biggest reality show in the USA!! 

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