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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 17 May 2017 - NDP n Submarines

So the 2017 NDP just released its slogan, logo n song, etc. Ad usual some love them, some hate them.

At the same time our government revealed we hv ordered more submarines at costs 9f billions, not counting the operational n maintenance expenses, with am aim to hit 10!!

For the NDP, I m interested in asking: is it truly necessary to spend millions if dollars n thousands of man hours to prepare for it EVERY YEAR? Can we not save the money n hv something simple n spontaneous like all Sgp citizens converging at the Padang n in their living area n sing the National Anthem n say the National Pledge once in a few years? Or we need to get our NSmen n the Generals to do this annually n promote some of them since this is all they r good for? Besides being roped in as cabinet ministers after their armed forces career!!

As for the 10, if true, submarines, what r the justification? They r to house our cabinet in emergency? If so, won't flying them out to a safe 3rd country n then plan to retake our lost nation in combat better?

I simple can't understand the need for this many submarines!! For the life of me, it baffled me!!

Alas, hope it is not another: "We know more than anyone of u. So, just trust us to invest in these defence spending!!"

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