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Monday, May 15, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 15 May 2017 - Palliative Care n Quality of "Life"?

Read abt the Dane who was allowed to smoke n sip a glass of white wines with his family looking at the sunset just a few days before his death. That was a ground-breaking moment as it demonstrated the hospital or hospice gave priorities to what the dying wants than "what is good(?)" for them!!

In Sgp, some palliative care facilities r providing beers, durians, char kway teow n even cigarettes (if ok by the doctors) as it is now seems ok to give priorities to the person than the rules of the caring facilities.

For me, if we r really talking abt medically certified "dying" patients, if they r strong, they will still fight n want to live. So, maybe observing rules that r designed to save the life of the patient should be followed strictly!! For those who hv accepted n just want to go happily, maybe their wishes should be granted r more meaningful.

Maybe by doing this, at least the last few days of their lives hv much higher quality of life!!

Still a very tough decision n judgement to be made by the family members, if any, n the professional care givers.

Blessed them. Make the last days meaningful n happy. 

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