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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 21 April 2017 - Paris attack n young dementia sufferers in Sgp

1. Paris attack that killed 1 policeman n injured 2

Another terrorist attack where the assailant was killed by the law enforcement agency. Another claim by terrorists using a religion as a front. A known violent person with previous brushes with the laws n yet no way to prevent him from carrying out this cowardice n brutal murder if a policeman!!

This comes just before the 1st round of the French Presidential election. It will give the candidates who taunt a hardline against terrorism n certain religious immigrants an advantage.

Hope it won't turn out that way.

2. According to the National Neuroscience Institute, the number of people being diagnosed with early onset dementia – before the age of 65 – is rising at an alarming rate.

This is one of the most dreaded chronic disease for many. Forgetting who u r n who r those who love n care for u when u don't know who they r too!!

Some said it does not come fr aging but some genetic defects while other said a malfunction of some chemical in the brain. Whatever it is, it seems untreatable currently though some mental exercises supposedly can deter the onset n regression of having this disease.

The good news, if any, is that u will know if u had it n how bad it can get before it gets there. This means many, if they want to, can arrange to be forgotten at his/her own term.

Better than no doing anytime n wait...

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