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Friday, April 21, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 20 April 2017 - Shrinkage at our JC n Secondary n Primary Schools?

Before the main event, a side show of our sports club with big jackpot revenues n shaddy (?) money n donations or sponsorship! Always know that NGO n non-profit organisations have better benefits!!

Hope nothing untoward is going on there! FAS, our biggest national sport body!!

"8 JCs to merge into 4.  14 primary n 6 secondary schools are to merged too. All in 2019. Reason: we hv too little students!!"

Interesting development. A strange feeling actually since our total population is increasing while local schools cannot fill vacancies. Maybe the increase is from foreigners who hv no kids if school going age or they go to international schools in Sgp?

The usual questions for the schools, the kids, the staffs n the alumnus are: heritage, current job availability, etc. while MOE has a bigger challenge of what next for Sgp education system if we hv less m less kids to send to school?

I can't imagine that we will hv fewer n fewer schools when the nation is only 51 going to 52 yrs old!!

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