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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 19 April 2017 - Ah Hock lost!

"Anies Baswedan wins Jakarta election: Pollsters - Reuter 19 Apr 2017

JAKARTA: A former Indonesian education minister won the race for Jakarta governor on Wednesday after a polarising campaign that cast a shadow over Indonesia's reputation for practicing a tolerant form of Islam.

Anies Baswedan won with 58 per cent of the votes versus 42 per cent for Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, known by his Chinese nickname as "Ahok", based on 100 per cent of the votes in an unofficial "quick count" by Indikator Politik. Other pollsters showed similar results with 99 per cent counted.

The national elections commission will announce official results in early May.

The turbulent campaign featured mass rallies led by a hardline Islamist movement, which has strengthened in recent years in a country long dominated by a moderate form of Islam. More than 80 per cent of Indonesia's population professes Islam.

"Going forward, the politics of religion is going to be a potent force," said Keith Loveard, an analyst at Jakarta-based Concord Consulting and an author of books about Indonesian politics.

Baswedan's huge margin of victory was surprising since opinion polls in the run-up to the election had pointed to a dead-heat. Purnama won the first round of voting for governor in February in a three-way race.

Indonesian social media users likened the election outcome to the shock results of the US presidential vote and the Brexit vote of last year."

So the expected has happened. That the voters voted for Muslim candidates n stay faithful to their religion. Never mind the incumbents were doing a reasonable job, by some independent observers a great job for a long time!

Again, when it comes to religion, politics has no chance!!

When Ah Hock n his team did not win the 1st round of contest, the contest is really over then. The Muslims' votes for the 3rd losing candidates in the 1st round would naturally go to the 2nd place losers in the 1st round.

To try to say it was neck-to-neck in the final run-up is just exaggeration.

Ah Hock n his team had supposedly conceded defeat even though the official results would only be known in early May.

Good thing is everyone is calm. So far.

Other implications:

1. Indonesia is no longer dominated by a militant school of Islam;
2. President Jokowi will face challenges at the national level;
3. religious harmony cannot be taken as a given now if the winners lost control of the militant Muslims up in which they depended on to deliver the votes;
4. our relationship with Indonesia will become more delicate as we r paranoid about terrorists who use Islam to commit terrors.

Let's see how things go in the next few days...

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