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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 18 April 2017 - Cats Cafe owner jailed for lies!@

"Owner of now-defunct Cuddles Cat Cafe jailed for lying about cats' health - CNA 18 Apr 2017

SINGAPORE: The owner of the now-defunct Cuddles Cat Cafe was on Tuesday (Apr 18) sentenced to two weeks' jail for giving false information about the health of the cats on his premises.

Jonathan Tan Wei-De was also fined S$3,500 for failing to comply with licensing conditions, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) said in a media release.

Tan's cat cafe was thrust in the spotlight in October 2014 when the AVA was alerted to allegations of mismanagement of diseased cats there.

He was also believed to have provided falsified cat health records when applying for a temporary licence with AVA to keep animals for public interaction on the premises, AVA said.

AVA investigators found that Tan had breached licensing conditions by not keeping the cats in good health, and not ensuring that the cats tested negative for toxoplasmosis - a disease which can affect animals and humans - before keeping them in the cafe. Tan was then required to cease operations at once, and remove all cats from the cafe.

AVA added that it subsequently referred the case to the police for investigation into the alleged provision of falsified information in the application."

A bit of a sad news really as cats cafe was supposed to be the cool thing for the Gen-Z n after.

Just like those who love to feed the strays as they feel fulfilled n loving n being loved. Often disregarding the potential health issue. Loving n being loved is a very powerful emotion n rationality has little chance of being heard.

Reality is much cruel, especially if one is running a business. You cannot hide behind the "I m doing a kind act n that is the be all n end all" reason that everyone should let you do whatever it is to be done.

Sentimentality is great. Yet cold hard business required more than that.

May another future "animals" theme business be successful n effective. 

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