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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 22 April 2017 - A few good laughs...

It is a weekend Saturday. So, let me be cheeky with a few news:

1. "Gay" uncle harassed n slapped young American man on MRT train that got, supposedly more than 1m hits!!"

Interesting to read so many nasty comments abt the "gay" uncle n the "many" encouraging words for the young American who did not retaliate.

One comment stood out for me: "From his words n actions, the uncle clearly has mental issue" seems abt right.

A mental uncle is definitely not representative of Sgp population as some claimed his behaviours to be a national disgrace!! This is strange as some Americans considered their President, who has no mental issue presumably, to be a national disgrace too!!

2. Kong Hee n friends serving their jail terms n need to avoid conflict of interests by abstaining fr attending their CHC services in collaborations with the Changi Prison authority!!

What an irony!! Comical if u think harder!! Since he m his buddies r helping the prisoners with their CHC Outreach program, they may as well be allowed to preach there. As long as the prisoners can become wealthy learning from the Gospel of Prosperity that this CHC preaches, we generate more GDP n wealth for Sgp!

All prisoners that believe will be blessed n everything become better. If this experiment is successful, the government may want to send more pastors or preachers to the prisons? Of course there should be no radicalisation efforts going on.

3. "CNN names pandan cake as Singapore's national cake - CNA 22 Apr 2017
SINGAPORE - The humble pandan cake has made headlines recently, after being named one of the world's 17 best cakes by the travel website of US news outlet CNN. Perhaps more surprisingly, it was listed as Singapore's national cake, an accolade it shared with neighbour Malaysia."

CNN is no longer the same force? Why is it doing national cake naming?

The national cake of Sgp has to be "durian cake""!!

CNN has this guy called Anthony Something declaring the best laksa is in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia too. Again, did not win any overwhelming agreement!!

Beginning to feel like the Michelin fr France trying to grade our hawkers' foods!


Hv A good laugh for the rest of the weekend.

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