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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 22 March 2017 - Westminster attack?

Just read n watched the news feed from BBC on the Westminster attack where a car mauled down a few people on the Westminster Bridge Road before crashing in the fence 300m up n an assailant was shot by police after supposedly stabbing a police officer near or in the Westminster Palace entrance area.

So UK n London in specific had been targeted. Not sure if it is a terrorist attack though the police r treating it as such for now.

It is audacious, or some would called it foolish, to target one of the most protected area in London.

Whatever it is, it appeared to hv done some damages only though those injured or killed (no official count yet), would say otherwise.

That leads us to the recently oft repeated mantra to be on our guards against similar type of senseless attack in Sgp; and how we will react to it should it ever happen.

I dread to think of this. Hopefully it will never happen n I will praise all gods n ditties of all religions for it.

May those in this dreadful incident in London suffer not too much harm.

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