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Friday, March 24, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 23 March 2017 - Preventing terrorist's strike

Sadly 3 dead vs 1 assailant with 7 in critical conditions n more than 40 people also injured from yesterday Westminster attack by a lone operating terrorist.

Heartbroken to learn the American man who died was on their 25th wedding anniversary n his wife is one of the critically injured. The Spanish teacher who is a mother of 2 kids killed on the way to fetch her kids never had a chance to make sense of this terrible fate! N the PC who was stabbed to death while trying to stop the assailant is probably the only one at least knew how he died.

The assailant was born in UK n was interviewed by MI5 some times ago for extremism. He was not in the current intelligence picture. i.e. he is off the radar after noting nothing serious or suspicious after a while.

How could this type of terrorist be stopped? Small scale yet deadly.

Well, the security experts said such people must hv someone to talk to n connect with even if they r loner by nature. It is up to those who are not radicalized but yet were friendly with the potential terrorist, or the would be terrorists find them friendly, that they need to be alert to ANY expressed desire to carry out some violent acts. It is difficult to ask someone to "tell" or "betrays" a "friend". Yet, this is exactly what we meant in Sgp on these: "all communities must rally as ONE" mantras spoken by our political leaders.

To me it means: every community must hv people who will tell on the would be terrorists whenever they hear or learn that their " friends" or even "family members" talked abt committing violent acts against others.

These folks will be so clear in their minds what must be done immediately as well as convinced 100% emotionally that "to tell" is not a betrayal. It is a courageous n right action!!

This is the surest way to stop such individual terrorist!!

As for the more organised n older folks, relying on eyes n ears within the potential community is still an important lead, other methods like sharing of intelligence, practice quick action n resolution drills, etc.

So now we know what does "rally together as one" work!

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