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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 17 March 2017 - Free speech is not free

Congratulations to Michelle Chong for her win as Best Director of the film: "Lulu the Movie" at the Canada International Films Festival. Read abt how she solder her property (ies) To get into full time movie making. Big move. May she be even more successful.

"Right to free speech is not absolute in any country: Sgp's High Commissioner to UK

SINGAPORE: Singapore's High Commissioner to the UK Foo Chi Hsia has responded to a recent article in The Economist alleging restrictions on free speech in Singapore.
Ms Foo said no country gives an absolute right to free speech. "When this right is extended to fake news, defamation or hate speech, society pays a price," she wrote in a letter to the UK-based weekly, citing the Brexit campaign and elections in the US and Europe.
"Trust in leaders and institutions, including journalists and the media, has been gravely undermined, as have these democracies," she added. "In contrast, international polls show that Singaporeans trust their government, judiciary, police and even media."
The article in The Economist, titled Grumble and be Damned, alleged that while the Singapore Government has said it welcomes criticism, its critics still suffer. 
Specifically, the article cited the case of blogger Han Hui Hui and two other activists who were involved in a protest over the management of the Central Provident Fund (CPF) at the Speakers' Corner in 2014. 
In response, Ms Foo said: "They were not charged for criticising the government, but for loutishly barging into a performance by a group of special-education-needs children, frightening them and denying them the right to be heard."
Honestly these Western media folks just refused to reasons. Worst they resorted to justify Trump's disdain for their hypocritical n selective reporting n analysis behaviours; when they could really be a force to check powerful folks like Trump n any other established authorities that misbehaved!
Yes Sgp government is no saint. Yet, the Han Huihui n Roy case in that Hong Lim Park were charged for trespassing n dramatising another function for disadvantaged children. Why did the authority allowed 2 activities to be held simultaneously we can debate abt it. The fact is they were charged for that n not for criticising the Sgp government specifically. 
Why can't the UK press conference this as it is?
As to Ms Foo's assertion that a recent survey showed that most Singaporeans trust their government, I would venture to suggest believe such survey too much at your own risk. The surveys for Brexit n Trunp's wins were WRONG!! 
In recent months, a few incidents probably hv shaken that trust, if indeed it is solid before these, like: unconvincing reason for the Malay only EP, the need for a 30% hike in water rate over 2 yrs, the shedding of tears in parliament by the MOM Minister when mentioning out of work older PMETs when NTUC for the longest time does not represent them n government used to said the numbers were not significant against the overall low unemployment rate, etc.
So, be vigilant. Keep earning the trust from the citizens. In a democracy, in tough economic time, voters need a lot of assurance. 

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