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Friday, March 17, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 16 March 2017 - Er why foreigner explaining water price hike?

"THE fact that water prices have not changed in the last 17 years means that a large part of the investment and technology that went into producing Swiss-quality water levels in Singapore have not been covered by the users themselves. "It's therefore inevitable there needs to be a price that reflects the investment and the cost of running a sophisticated water system," Jochen Krauss, a partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners, told The Business Times yesterday."

This article completes with tables n figures were produced by a foreign expert(?) while parliamentarians, including many ministers could not or would not provide numbers due to sensitive commercial reasons!! So, can we ask The Business Times how trustworthy n good r the figures provided by this foreign expert(?)?
Do our professors in our top universities in Sgp hv any input to share or we r so lack of water experts when 9water is a national strategic asset n issue?

Again this expert(?) did not, or the news report did not, show how revenue generated hv been used in the production of clean n safe water. Also is it true that newer technologies mean they must be more expensive? If so the innovation we r seeing or encouraging r just "more expensive is better" mindset again? 

Thot some folks quoted water industry sources that innovation in producing water also include cost reduction measures. R these false information?

If we hv competition, the cost will drop. Like in the semiconductors industry, new technologies very quickly is followed by cost reduction programs in anticipation that the market price of the newest n most powerful IC will face downward price pressures almost immediately. So water industry is not a competitive market?

Do we hv an oligopoly or duopoly here? Surely not as there r many water recycling companies just in Sgp n China!!

Help convince the public why the 30% hike over 2 yrs n why now when the unemployment rate for locals is at the highest in 6 yrs?

In addition, hopefully someone will be watching for businesses who would pass down the water hike n increase the prices of their goods, foods n drinks without any justification? e.g. F&B n any businesses that use water as one of their main materials.

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