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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 18 March 2017 - Welcome to China!

Secretary Tillerson, Welcome to China. U r more familiar with the Russians n hope u will enjoy the same success with the Chinese.

With the Chinese, a few things r not negotiable n u should pay attention to them just as u deal with some of the Russians' not negotiable like: respect them n show them u respect them, they r strong enough to ignore international opinions if their key national n leaders' interests r at risk, etc.

For the Chinese, a few unique ones like: One China, China never disintegrated like USSR so one can talk abt taking back Cremia when talking abt Taiwan, Hkg SAR n Macau SAR.

North Korea is still an effective chip for China though increasingly it seems to hv less n less influence or control over a young abrasive ruler in Fat Young Kim.

Do anyone want a conflict in this part 9f the world? No. No. No. Rationally. At the same time, with Japan, especially Abe's Japan in the picture, rationality may give way to rationality given the emotional burden the Chinese n Japanese r having with what happened during WWII.

So, all the best to yr mission in Asia. Welcome to China again. 

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