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Monday, October 3, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 02 October 2016 - PM Lee angered China?

No sure why it is not headlines on CNA website but I want to comment on this as it can have deep impact on future of the relationship.

1. The Global Times, supposedly controlled by the Chinese government has been engaging in a war of words with Singapore that it is stirring up the South Sea issue at the recent Non-Alliance Movement (NAM) conference while the Singapore Ambassador to China had refuted (I would have preferred: "clarified") the claims as fabrication and groundless.

Then PM Lee's speech at the Future of Asia in Tokyo as part of his official visit, where his dad was awarded an honour posthumously, supposedly mentioned that China has to be mindful of its actions towards its smaller neighbours in Asia and should be aware of international laws. This apparently got China government upset too and The Global Times have written about it too. The netizens in China were also up in arms and attacked PM Lee did Singapore.

So, is it over sensitive by the Chinese or we need to be more sensitive when dealing with China in the international arena?

1. China is sensitive, especially on television South China Sea thingy. It has always wanted to project a "I am big n growing bigger n stronger but I won't be like some strong nations that will bully ours. " Alas, they are not comfortable with their actions in this South China Sea thingy, hence any mention will stir their pain point.

Singapore need to be more sensitive to the Chinese sensitivity. We can make the point that we will respect n rely on international laws. China can do what they feel are right. Even when all parties believe they r behaving in the "right" manner, there is no guarantee that peace will prevail. Then what?

If we do more behind the scenes talk (not sure if this has been done though I hoped so), it is easier. Now it seems that The Global Times is charging at us like what our government did when it wants to hold them accountable for publishing non-fact n insinuation. Rights of refuting must be present n it did.

Anyway, this will drag on for a bit if we keep at it. We had made our point once. That is enough in this instance. NO MORE rebuttals or reputations after these changes. Said it once n with great resolve n clarity n that's it!!

It is not the right time to argue is China a bully or not. Look at the USA n Russia, they do things their way. USA attacked Iraq on Mass Weapons of Destruction. Russia attacked East Ukraine on some people want to be Russians. Period. Power is Might!! Deal with it!!

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