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Monday, October 3, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 03 October 2016 - Underweared Aussies at Sepang, 5k Teachers Left the Services in the last 5 years

1. Underweared Aussies at Sepang F1 with Malaysia national flag the pattern

Hmm. Poor Aussies. They are from down under and have nothing better to do while up at Sepang watching the F1 cars zooming past them before they could blink! Not sure if they know what they are getting themselves into. Not many of their country men and women would be supporting them truly.

They got arrested supposedly. Maybe locked up in a foreign jail is their ideal of fun and adventure.

Good luck to them and hang on to your underwear - Malaysian flagged or Aussie flagged no different!

2. 5k teachers left their 'jobs' in the last 5 years

Job mismatched in several areas like teaching, nursing, etc. where there are supposedly more jobs chasing the applicants! Oh, don't forget that long time favourite: social service workers too.

It is probably true that many researches had been done to try to find out the main reasons why such vocations have the highest 'undesirable rating' by job hunters.

It will futile for me to speculate except to say that: where big time unemployment is upon Singapore again, we will see how resilient Singaporeans are in sticking to their 'only when I have the dream job will I work!' mentality! This is especially so for those young kids with 'working' parents who feel 'rich' enough to want to sponsor their kids' underemployment!!

For now, the glamorous and lucrative jobs of 'private investment bankers' of the foreign bank cs in Singapore is facing an unexpectedly cold cold winter of retrenchment as the 'wealthy' clients are no longer putting in money to generate profit that they will happy share the rewards with their 'advisors'!

Maybe when most people are chasing after jobs, any type of jobs, with no support from the government and/or parents, the younger ones will take up the so-called 'undesirable' jobs!

PM Lee's recent trips to Japan and India should have as long as it does not mean more Indians 'quota-ed' to come into Singapore easier if qualified locals are NOT qualified!

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