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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 01 October 2016 - USA assured Asean n Growing terrorists threat

1st day of 4Q2016 just passed by. Never to come by again. Soon, 2016 will go too. Indeed, time wait for no man.

1. Pentagon Chief assures Asean of its involvement in Asean

He means it sincerely if he believes the USA's  interests r best served by staying involved. Of course whether his new boss, the US President thinks so or not will change everything. 

Let's c what happen next. 

2. Minister Ng Eng Hen said terrorists' threats r growing in Asean. Well, it is true n no secret as many learned authorities m officials hv been saying the same. What has changed? And for the worst? Do we hv more solid leads?

Regardless of what your people do or know, only when an actual attack were snuffed up leaving some damages in lives n properties, our responses will decide if it will work or not. 

Terrorists will leave us alone if it nobody pays attention to the attack! There is no fun when the attack was done n no one is unhappy! 

Keep our vigilant always.

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