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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 30 September 2016 - Yang Ying, Duterte n Hitler n Adrian Tan!!

End of 3Q2016! 3/4 year gone!! 3 more months to go. Let's go despite many black spots ahead!!

1. Yang Ying got a few more years of jail. 1st for cheating the Immigration Department to get his PR. Now for cheating S$1.1m fr the rich old lady.

Can't say he doesn't deserve it!! Did himself good for a while. Alas, bad things can't go on forever n he was found out. His behaviours also negatively impacted the perception n stereotyping of other PRC nationals. Not good for social n nationalities harmony.

2. Duterte's Hitler comparison is just another unconventional wisdom fr this very unusual President. He wants to kill 3m drug users instead of drug pushers is a bit extreme n illogical. His rationales may well be: once u r a drug users, it is likely u will turn to crime to sustain your bad consumption habit. Could he not had referred to some Bollywood or Hollywood vigilante movies' characters?

The German r not happy with his comparison to their Hitler.

3. Adrian Tan, aka Dr Tan Ching Bocking, x-EP candidate n nearly man in EP2011, supposedly caused the REACH public forum to discuss the new EP law to be cancelled a day before!

I hope not even though with the need to input one's NRIC No. besides the alias in it, there is no other way to get registered for the forum. So, the system should be able to identify Dr Tan even if he uses his alias: Adrian Tan.

Anyway, nobody really care abt the EP law as most retailers r not convinced of the need to hv this n that peculiar need to provide for a minority EP if the race cannot make it for 5 terms!

It is worrisome if the government n its feedback unit is avoiding controversies when collecting genuine divergent feedback n ideas. Without diversity, there is no way to know that one or two ideas from the top elite class r always the best answers.

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