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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 2 February 2016 - SPF to review questioning procedure after 14-year-old boy's death

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"SPF to review questioning procedure after 14-year-old boy's death - CNA 2 Feb 2016

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force (SPF) will review its procedures and address questions following queries on whether it should allow an appropriate adult to be present when a young person is interviewed, it said in a statement on Monday (Feb 1).

This follows an incident in which a 14-year-old boy apparently fell to his death from his family flat in Yishun on Jan 26, after being questioned by police the same day. His mother has told local media that her request to see her son at the the police station was denied.

Police said a report had been lodged on molestation and based on CCTV evidence, officers went to the boy's school to conduct enquiries.
"To keep investigations discreet, the officers went in plainclothes and in unmarked cars," SPF said.

The boy in question was brought in to the principal's office after discussions with school officials and viewing of CCTV footage. There he was spoken to in the presence of a police officer and ushered to Ang Mo Kio Police Division that day, SPF said.
Police said he had contacted his mother to inform her of investigations before he was brought to the station and that the police officer had spoken to his mother.
"While at Ang Mo Kio Division, he was interviewed by one Investigation Officer at his workstation in an open plan office with other workstations. He was fully cooperative during the interview. He was then released on bail and went back with his mother," SPF stated.
SPF said investigations into the case have not been completed. A Coroner’s Inquiry will be held upon the conclusion of investigations, where all the relevant facts will be presented to the State Coroner, it said. "At the inquiry, the family will also be able to raise all questions that they may have," SPF added.
It said the boy's passing was "tragic" and that police representatives have met the family to address their questions on the case and provide clarifications on the actions of the police officers during their interaction with the youth. Police had released a statement saying they were investigating the unnatural death and that the boy showed no signs of being unduly distressed during interrogation."

While it is a RARE and unfortunate turns of event, it is good that the SPF is transparent about its investigation and find out what else, if any, can be done to tweak the investigation process involving a minor.

RIP to the young boy and condolences to the family.

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