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Monday, February 15, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 15 February 2016 - 6% rise in number of drug abusers arrested in 2015: CNB

"6% rise in number of drug abusers arrested in 2015: CNB - CNA 15 Feb 2016

SINGAPORE: There was a 6 per cent rise in the number of drug abusers arrested in 2015 compared to the previous year, with a 20 per cent climb in the number of new drug abusers arrested, the Central Narcotics Bureau said on Monday (Feb 15).

The CNB arrested 3,338 drug abusers last year, up from the 3,158 arrested in 2014, it said. Of the 2015 figure, 1,311 were new abusers, up from 2014's 1,093, and 69 per cent were below 30 years old, according to a CNB press release.

There were 2,027 repeat abusers, which was a 2 per cent year-on-year fall from 2,065, CNB said.
Delving deeper, CNB said there was an increase in the number of abusers arrested across all ethnic groups, with the number of Malay abusers arrested increasing by 7 per cent on-year to 1,738 in 2015. This was followed by Indian abusers, which went up 3 per cent from 505 in 2014 to 519 last year, and Chinese abusers, up from 971 to 993 over the same time period, it showed.
In terms of new abusers arrested, there was a rise of 35 per cent among Indians from 150 in 2014 to 202 in 2015. Chinese abusers increased 24 per cent from 314 to 388, while Malay abusers increased 13 per cent from 600 to 679 over the same timeframe, the agency said.
Methamphetamine, or Ice, and heroin continue to be the two most commonly abused drugs. About 93 per cent of all drug abusers arrested had abused one or the other. In fact, methamphetamine displaced heroin to become the most abused drug.
For new abusers, methamphetamine (77 per cent) and cannabis (12 per cent) were the most commonly abused drugs, with cannabis displacing heroin as the second most commonly abused drug among new abusers, said CNB.

The agency conducted 49 major operations, of which 18 were islandwide operations involving the Singapore Police Force. Together with SPF and the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), CNB also conducted 2,047 operations at the checkpoints to intercept drugs entering Singapore and these efforts crippled the operations of 21 drug syndicates, it said.
CNB added that it conducted 575 anti-drug and inhalant abuse programmes and activities last year. For instance, it conducted anti-drug talks for Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) and extended these to the SAF Officer Cadet School and the Civil Defence Academy.
It also produced two new versions of the Anti-Drug Ambassador Activity booklet for Primary 4 and Primary 5 students, it added.
"CNB will continue to engage stakeholders to combat the inhalant abuse situation in Singapore. For instance, we have reached out to shopkeepers to seek their assistance to refrain from selling inhalant products to persons who might abuse them," it said."

I like the fact that the good and the bad and the ugly were revealed at the same time. No hiding. No beating around the bush!

1. the split by race is necessary so as to be able to address each race's unique cultural background, including spiritual practices among others. It is important that the categorization is not misused as 'one race has more drug addicts than the other'. For Singapore, every one new addict is ONE TOO MANY as she/he will suffer much - the addiction, alienation of those who loved them, etc;

2. it is good to note that no efforts were spared in educating the unaware and re-habituating the offenders and convicted drug addicts. This educational process is a never ending one and will continue forever and ever, until and unless we suddenly has ZERO addict!!;

3. the drug busts, while not low, may need to have BIGGER publicity devoted to them. Those who make 'money tinted with the ruined lives of many addicts' must be made to pay for their 'choice of business'. Of course, most of them were prepared, at least they told themselves so, to face the death penalty for trafficking in dangerous and illegal drugs, they all will tremble and shiver in fear when that day comes! For those who plead for mercy to drug traffickers who are fully aware of the severe penalty in Singapore, it is unhelpful unless they turnover a new leaf and be committed drug fighters and helping other addicts overcome this demonic habit! Just maybe, an exception can be granted?

May those new addicts find help early before it is too late!

Kudos to the SPF and the Narcotic team!

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