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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Daily Lesssons from Life 14 February 2016 - USA, China and Singaporeans' Marriages!

Today is 人日. The 7th day of the Lunar New Year where everyone has his/her birthday! For me it is a day to ponder about what is means to be a human being and what is the meaning of existence! For the marketers, it is a day to 'entice, seduce, apply peer-pressure, etc.' to get consumers to SPEND MORE MONEY!! ;-)

1. USA will continue to engage with ASEAN after Obama, the 'lame duck President of USA'

Well, engage the USA must as China is perceived as a threat to its desired 'One and only supreme power of the world' and it needs the geologically closest to China Asean countries to buffer and blunt that threat. Yes? Maybe President Trump or, not another Bush!, or Sander or Hillary can answer with more authority and certainty?

2. China plays a critical role in setting global order: Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen - CNA 14Feb2016

Indeed, China, with its increasing economic power, despite being built on wheel of credit turning round and round, same as the USA, Japan and other 'advance economies' of the world, has BIG influence over many countries in the world who want 'money money and more money'!

President Xi is now known as the MOST powerful leader since, or even surpassed, the Great Henchman Chairman Mao What is his idea of a 'Powerful China' and its relationship with the rest of the world will be decide how China can play a CRITICAL, AND, hopefully, POSITIVE, role in setting Global Order.

For me, China will be better for the world IF the Chinese dream is: 'A China where no Chinese would want to leave!' In this way, the Chinese leadership needs not worry about how the West - the USA, UK, etc. - will influence its citizens to 'revolt' against them as China under their 'leadership' is so heaven-like that none would move elsewhere!

3. Singaporeans' marriage in 2015 hit the 2nd highest in history (this coming after the 2nd or was it the MOST births in 2015?): Sr Minister of State (SMOS) Josephine Teo 14 Feb 2016

Aah, a wonderful message on the eve of, and on, the marketing 'tricked' 'Valentine Day'! If these 2 good news are REAL. It simply august WELL for Singapore's toughest human issue: not enough babies to replace ourselves!

May this be a NEW trend for Singaporeans. If you ask me WHAT is the SINGLE most important factor to had caused this 'spike' or 'beginning of a new trend', my answer is: 'Un-stinging' use of our multi-billion national reserve to convince the new parents that the nation WILL help them to lessen the REAL financial burden of raising a kid, let alone the government desired 3 kids in a family!

If only the government HAD BEEN bolder 3-5 years ago!! Of course, no one would have predicted this though the SAME concerns were expressed and related to the government then. Hmm!


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