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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 10-11 February 2016 - Young cancer patients tell others to 'never give up'

"Young cancer patients tell others to 'never give up' - CNA 11 Feb 2016

SINGAPORE: Eight-year-old Emma and Xander, 12, were diagnosed with different forms of cancer in 2015. While Xander has completed his chemotherapy and is preparing to go back to school in a few months, Emma is still undergoing the intensive phase of her chemotherapy. Despite the challenges they have been through, the bright-eyed duo have a message for other cancer patients: To never give up.

Unlike adult cancers, most childhood cancer cases are not attributable to environmental or cultural causes. Instead, Assoc Prof Quah said they are due to “genetic accidents”.
“We now understand that genes in our cells undergo mutation all the time, but very few people get cancer during the first 20 years of life because most of the mutation happens in cells which have nothing to do with cancer - it takes a chance event which is largely unpredictable,” he said."

I know this is only the 5th day of Lunar New Year and discussing about cancer, especially young children that had cancers is not very appetising. Yet, this is LIFE!!

1. it is devastating to learn that experts are saying: 'most childhood cancer cases are due to "genetic accidents"'!! Like one of the recent research reports that: It is down to LUCK that the cancer patients have cancers!! This is most demoralizing as it means you can do whatever you want and cancer can still find you!;

2. so rationally if that is the case, we probably should just go out there and enjoy ourselves with whatever foods, drinks or pleasures that we can to indulge in instead of carefully watching our diets and lifestyles! No? Well, while the rational reaction or response may be that. One more powerful rational thought is: if I let loose and indulge, rationally I have MORE situations that can 'accidentally' get the mutating cells to become over-active and hence cancerous. So, better reduce the odds of the 'accident'! I buy that. However, I buy that as I DON'T like to be a fatalist. That it is down to luck! My take is very simple, when the most unfortunate happened, so be it. However, never will I deliberately tempt fate!;

3. it is always wonderful to see cancer patients fighting hard and, as much as possible, positively, if not cheerfully, against cancer. It is always uplifting to learn of some 'miracles' that the cancer cells just disappear after certain events or certain change in diet or lifestyles or whatever. I always take each miraculous case as it is: it is a miracle to THAT recovered cancer patient. No doubt about it! My only wish is that: 'MORE miracles' should happen. Maybe the cure to cancer can be revealed or found somehow by someone or something one day so that the dreaded disease can no longer strike fears in the patients who happened to be just 'out of luck'!

Keep fighting. Keeping inspiring other cancer patients, the little ones. May all of you be successful in this fight!

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