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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 9 February 2016 - Developer's culpable homicide and Fishball Riots

A few news headlines to comment on the 2nd day of Lunar New Year ...

1. "Taiwan developer arrested after deadly quake fells building - Reuter 9 Feb 2016

Prosecutors in the southern Taiwan city of Tainan have arrested the developer of a building which collapsed during an earthquake on Saturday killing at least 39 people, officials said on Tuesday, as rescue efforts increasingly turned to recovery.

Reuters witnesses at the scene of the collapse have seen large rectangular, commercial cans of cooking-oil packed inside wall cavities exposed by the damage, apparently having been used as building material. Taiwan media has also reported the presence of polystyrene in supporting beams, mixed in with concrete.

The Wei-guan, completed in 1994, was the only major high-rise building in the city of two million people to have completely collapsed."

WHY? WHY? WHY? Why do such 'discovery' are uncovered after each major disaster? Are 'businessmen' truly 'black-hearted' and have no freaking conscience? 'cans of cooking oil'!! 'Polystyrene in supporting beans mixed with concrete'! Really!! When did these materials become legitimate 'building materials' for beams and pillars?!!

Sickening news. IF true, may that developer and those responsible be brought to justice for 'negligent homicide' or, for me, just plain, 'homicide'! Surely you can't be playing with building safety with human lives living in it!!

2. "Officer fired warning shots during riot to protect injured colleague: Hong Kong police chief - AFP/CNA 9 Feb 2016

HONG KONG: Hong Kong Police Commissioner Stephen Lo on Tuesday (Feb 9) defended the officer who fired the warning revolver shots after a riot erupted when officials tried to shift illegal hawkers, saying rioters were continuously attacking his already injured colleague.

Footage showed protesters levering up bricks from pavements in the busy Mong Kok district, charging police lines with home-made shields and setting rubbish on fire in the middle of the road.
One officer was seen pointing his gun at crowds who hurled bricks, bottles and pieces of wooden pallets at police.

Police fired at least two warning shots in the air, multiple news outlets reported, a very rare occurrence in the semi-autonomous southern Chinese city."

LOL! The press dubbed it: "Fish-ball Revolution"! Are you kidding me! I just called it: 'Fish-ball Riot'. Period!

Lessons for me are:

a. as lamented by an ex-Hongkonger friend who has become a Singaporean: 'A great city, once, has now become a SHxT-hole overly politicised! A pity!!' It seems that this 'riot' was instigated by some activist groups. If true, this is a most irresponsible act!;

b. having said that, another friend also commented: 'why move against food stalls on a Lunar New Year eve/day'? What harm could have been done to the consuming public who might jolly well be unaware of the stalls in business are 'illegal ones'! Unless, of course, they are selling poisonous or unhygienic foods and drinks that can cause serious illnesses! Indeed, why bother when everyone was just happily 'shopping' their foods in a normally hustle and bustle 'Mong Kok' marketplace/street? It is a question that need to be answered!;

c. as Singaporean, Hong Kong's loss is a gain to Singapore. As the residents and foreign investors find Hong Kong becoming more and more 'lawless' and 'politically hijacked by activists' leading to loss of confidence in law and order, their 'senior people' would want to find another place to work, the companies will want to find another place to invest, etc. What would become of Hong Kong then? Of course, they city can still rely on the 'real estate' treasure since 'properties cannot be moved offshore' but that is not going to help the 'already I/We-could-not-afford-to-have-a-roof-over-our-heads' Hongkongers. Also, even some LOCAL big names have moved their registration overseas. The most famous one is none other than: 'Superman Li Ka Sing'! So, I am not sure what 'fish-ball riot' and other activists' lawless act like: 'Occupy Central' a year or two back are going to do for Hong Kong!

I hope things stay calm and not spiral into a vicious downward cycle. Peace to the world!

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