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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 12 February 2016 - What's up SportsHub? What's up with Competition in the ICT Business?

1. " more senior staff quit Sports Hub, making 7 exits within half a year - TODAY 12 Feb 2016

TODAY reports: This marks the latest development in Sports Hub senior management, which has seen seven senior staff depart the organisation in the last six months."

I guessed nobody ever thought that a private-public enterprise would be so complicated that so many 'senior executives' come and go within such a short time. It is natural to ask: 'Yo! What's going on?'. Maybe it was just teething problems. Maybe it was confusion with the Vision, Mission, Values and KPIs differences. Who knows if nobody want to talk about the 'Pink Elephant in the middle of the room'?

Whatever it may be. One thing for sure: The 2016 National Day Parade will be in the National Stadium of the SportsHub! Yeah!! At what cost? Let's not talk about it and just enjoy one rare 'good' moments in this 'troubled' venture.

2. "‘Absolutely not the case’ that Singtel does not want competition, lower prices, says CEO - CNA 12 Feb 2016

SINGAPORE: Singtel CEO Chua Sock Koong on Friday evening (Feb 12) clarified that comments made earlier on the impact of a new telco in Singapore did not mean her company was averse to competition or lower prices.
“To those who took my comments to mean we don’t want competition because we don’t want to lower prices, that is absolutely not the case," she told Channel NewsAsia. "They have every assurance that we will continue to offer the best services at the most competitive prices.”

Ms Chua had told Bloomberg Television earlier on Friday a new operator would cause the competition to focus on price and hurt the industry.
“The only way (a new operator) can gain customers will be by way of reducing prices … Clearly just leading prices down, it’s not good for the sustainability of the industry,” she said.
Last November, she also said to Bloomberg that Singtel did not see the need for a fourth operator.
Asked for a response on Ms Chua’s remarks, Mr Malcolm Rodrigues, the CEO of MyRepublic which is bidding for a mobile phone licence, stated: “If the market was only about a price war, we would have no interest in being the fourth operator. We've never competed on price in any market we've entered.”
He also said innovation would be his company’s calling card. “We believe in bringing innovation to the table and providing users with what they want and need at prices they can afford. The world is changing. Meaningful data services are everything. Today's services in Singapore are not fit for purpose. The incumbents’ networks are not ready for the future. There is a desperate need for innovation in Singapore. We intend to bring it.”
Ms Chua rejected Mr Rodrigues’ assessment in a statement. “We disagree that the industry in Singapore is stagnant. The industry is in healthy competition to innovate to win and keep customers.”
“I’m encouraged to hear that My Republic shares my view that a price war would make the whole industry suffer and customer experience, poorer,” she said.
“It would be positive if a fourth operator enters the industry competing on innovation. That is something we know customers will appreciate.”"

I am a SingTel shareholder. Courtesy of the corporatization of SingTel back when the government was trying to get the public to 'own some assets of Singapore to stay rooted besides owning a HDB flat'.

For me,

a. Competition is always good for the consumers as long as the competition is REAL competition and NOT the current 3 Telco where they are STILL, rightly or wrongly, viewed as TLC or GLC! So, when they compete 'blindly and stupidly' like the infamous EPL TV Rights between Starhub and SingTel where the 'winner' paid many times over the last bid and decided to 'soak it' to the consumers and some of them walked away like yours truly here. It was just Singapore overpaying the English FA and the now well-known corrupt FIFA!;

b. so if MyRepublic is a totally PRIVATE undertaking, it would be good IF it can 'forced' the 3 incumbents to IMPROVE SERVICEs and LOWER Prices with innovative products/services and solutions. That would be WELCOMED;

c. are the CURRENT 3 Telco making money? It seems that way judging from their published financial results. Of course with the many 'free' applications that give the consumers to send messages, talk on the phone, including long distance calls, and accessing immense amount of data and information, including video/movie/songs/etc. the established Telcos SIMPLY could not do anything about it. Of course, if they have their way, they would have petition to government to MAKE everyone who use their network to transmit/connect to pay for their infrastructure costs, they would MAKE billions more since all the 'free' applications STILL need the use the wired and wireless pipelines provided by the telcos themselves one way or the other.

Alas, this is not to be. At least for now. Will it happen in the future? Hope not. The challenge then become: how do Telcos see themselves as a business or as a public services entity like part of a nation infrastructure to facilitate other value adding activities to attract investments to Singapore? That would be an uniquely Singapore way. NO more fat salaries and even fatter bonuses for the executives of these 'protected' Telcos?

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