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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 06 February 2016 - Police seize arms from Singapore Gun Club, Rifle Association

1. "Tainan 6.4 earthquake" - Rest in pace to the dead and condolences to the surviving families and friends. It was never a good time to lose lives and damaged properties but having this happened on the day before the celebration of the Lunar New Year just made it worst! May more be pulled to safety.

2. "Police seize arms from Singapore Gun Club, Rifle Association - CNA 6 Feb 2016

SINGAPORE: Police have seized firearms from the Singapore Gun Club and the Singapore Rifle Association due to "serious licensing irregularities," the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said in a statement on Saturday (Feb 6).

SPF said its Police Licensing and Regulatory Department had found these irregularities while conducting an audit at the armouries of the two clubs on Tuesday. Police investigations are ongoing, it added.

Channel NewsAsia understands that more than 70 guns were unaccounted for. These guns belonged to members who have died, quit the clubs or left Singapore, and no proper records were kept."

This is GOOD news for public security and BAD news for the 2 'sports associations'!

a. 70 guns unaccounted for is a BIG deal seriously! Hopefully they are eventually accounted for and NO guns are in the hands of people who should have NO BUSINESS having such weapons!;

c. it is shocking that such records were not properly kept as Singapore is so strict on the control of ownership of firearms. How did this 'oversight', hopefully, and not intentional manipulation of records of who and where are the guns now. Someone will have to be accountable to these lapses;

c. in this time of random terrorist attacks, I am glad that our laws enforcement agencies are alert to check on ANY such places where 'licensed firearms' are allowed to ensure that anyone who truly need and are assessed to be 'fit' to own a licensed gun in Singapore are properly trained and know strict adherence to the conditions of them owning the firearms are non-negotiable.

May this 'scandal' be resolved quickly as we usher in the Lunar New Year of the Monkey.

Peace to the world.

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