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Monday, February 8, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 07 February 2016 - Lunar New Year Eve ...

A few things to comment on the eve of the Lunar New Year ...

1. Tainan earthquake

My heart goes to the people of Tainan and those affected by this earthquake at the most terrible time. May the rescue teams find and rescue more people trapped.

2. PM's message on the bumper crop of babies in 2015 and his hope for many more such harvest in the coming years as the Government continues to help Singaporeans in the many responsibilities of being parents and raising their kids.

Looks like the 'BOLDER' approach with the 'BIGGER purse from the multi-billions of national reserve' made a difference in SG50 2015! If only the Government had been MORE aggressive in deploying the 'money' to incentive Singaporeans to have more kids earlier! Sure, having babies CANNOT just be able economic consideration. At the same time, exhortation without acknowledging the reality that 'having and raising a kid WILL need a bit of money' cannot be 'wished away'.

Hopefully this will ignite the new sparks for having babies in years to come. Continue to use the billions of national reserve wisely in this area until the cost of raising a kid CAN BE easily taken care of by the citizens themselves. It is 'chicken and egg' issue. Which one come first? In this stage of the nation's development, 'incentives' come first!

3. North Korea's successful long range missile launch

This supposedly angered the international community. Well, the international community is probably at a loss of how to deal with a 'I-care-shxt-about-how-angry-you-are' North Korea. To chastise verbally only or to take some, already been done many times, 'sanctions' that clearly affect not the North Korea regime and the 'rulers' does not really matter as both are definitely NOT effective.

Maybe the 'international community' should pre-empt the launch by destroying the launch site with a precision bombing exercise to 'teach' the North Korean 'ruler' a lesson? Alas, this will be too radical and unthinkable. Maybe some days someone may just do it. Yes?

Welcome to the Year of the Monkey!!

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