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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 05 February 2016 - The U.N's top migration official called German Chancellor Angela Merkel a hero

1. "France investigates whether Malaysian PM Najib was bribed in submarine deal - The Straits Times 5 Feb 2016

PARIS - French prosecutors have launched a formal investigation into whether Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was paid bribes over a long­ contentious US$1.2 billion (S$1.69 billion) arms deal when he was defence minister.

A judge will probe whether Bernard Baiocco, former president of French defence group Thales International Asia, paid illegal kickbacks to Datuk Seri Najib, through an associate of the prime minister, to win a 2002 contract for two submarines, the Financial Times (FT) reported, citing people close to the case.

The Paris prosecutor's office said Baiocco had been placed under formal investigation on suspicion of "bribery of foreign public officials" and "complicity in misuse of corporate assets", according to the FT."

Hmm. He does not seems to be too far away from scandals and controversies. All the best to Malaysians.

2. "The U.N's top migration official called German Chancellor Angela Merkel a hero - Reuters 5 Feb 2016

GENEVA: The U.N's top migration official called German Chancellor Angela Merkel a hero on Friday, saying she had taken a principled stand to support refugees while some European leaders had failed a test of human decency.

Popular support for Merkel has tumbled to its lowest in 4 1/2 years, a poll showed on Wednesday, after 1.1 million migrants entered Germany last year. Mistrust of migrants grew after some were linked to sexual assaults on women during New Year's Eve celebrations in Cologne.

"In my opinion Mrs Merkel is a hero," Peter Sutherland, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's special representative for international migration, told a news conference in Geneva.

"She knew it was a moral issue. She knew she was going to take political attack ... with her popularity affected negatively as a result," said Sutherland, who has headed the World Trade Organization and was non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs."

I am sure she is a Hero to the refugees. No doubt about it. As for Mr Sutherland, I am not sure if he will open up the USA to a million Muslim migrants though.

a. running away from your Home Country is an unsustainable solution. The people has to deal with their own issues in their own countries. It is as simple as there though it is very difficult to ask the people to stay when their rulers or government are corrupt, oppressive, merciless and plain BAD! At the same time, expecting another country or countries to intervene and provide solutions is just naive and unworkable;

b. It will be befitting the USA where Mr Sutherland comes from to accept at least 1/2 of the 1.1 m refuges Germany is taking or had taken in since it is the morally right thing to do. How about it USA? I know Mr Sutherland cannot make that decision and neither does his political masters want that honour!;

c. that brings me back to the position taken by Singapore on taking in refugees - we will HOLD and STAGE them and then move them on to whichever country that want to host them, permanently if they so wished. It is simply inhumane to expect the refugees to leave their home country and settle into the host country on a permanent basis. Their roots  are with the home country. They never did leave on their own accords. They were forced to leave due to war, deprivation, oppressions and cruelties meted out by their OWN government/rulers. They MUST reclaim back their home country and live as the RIGHTLY owners where the government SERVE S them instead of the other way around. Am I TOO idealistic and naive? Maybe. But then what will become of the world if we have no ideals and idealism?

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