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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 04 February 2016 - Breast Feeding and Fertility Promotion!

Today is supposed to be the Official day Springs are upon us! 'Li Chun' as the Chinese called today. So, let's relax and discuss the 2 'strange topics' Singaporeans supposedly are talking about, a lot!

1. Breast Feeding Mothers

Apparently a photo-blogger took some 'breast feeding mothers in public places' to publicise the fact that some people are 'offended by this motherly act of feeding her young', a totally natural and beautiful act. While some companies are not as friendly as they should be towards breast feeding mothers at work too!

Personally I feel that:

a. breast feeding at public places - I am sure most mothers who have something to cover themselves when, in the situation of really the baby must have his/her feed there and then, breast feeding their babies IF there is no breast feeding room or facilities around. So, anyone who has the decency should not even look, let alone stare, at the breast feedback mothers. For the young and curious, grown adults can just take them aside and explain what breast feeding is all about. Period!;

b. companies that are not friendly towards breast feeding mothers - unless the people in charge are perverts, there is no cause for alarm as they can be 'educated' on what breast feeding is all about. Human milk in the fridge is TOTALLY safe and will NOT contaminate other food items in the same fridge (apparently that was one of the reasons given for objecting to have the breast milk kept in the fridge!). Seriously, grow up!! Enough said!!

2. 'Fertility Advertisement' by a NGO named: 'I Love Kids'

Overheard on Radio 93.8 this evening that some people are supposedly offended by the 'Fertility Advertisement' in the MRT Stations and other places placed by 'I Love Kids' NGO. Some quoted reasons are: 'putting too much pressure on the female' with words like: 'Fertility (Woman's egg) is a gift with an expiry date', etc.

For me:

a. listen to the feedback and acknowledge that it is totally understandable that some audience are uncomfortable with this private topic being made public. At the same time, the intention is to provide some facts for the adults to decide on their own. It has to be their choice for sure;

b. if the idea is to have people, especially those in the 'target group' to talk about this, it has achieved its objective. Of course, some of those in this 'target group', actually cannot be, may had tried very hard but to no avail. So, such advertisement may hurt their feeling and emotion. Again, it is reasonable to assume this and apologies should be extended to such people whenever they voiced them. This again shows that 'each individual has to choose his/her responses to external stimulus, good intention or not!';

c. AWARE, the Woman's Right Group, supposedly has a 'strong opinion' about this 'I Love Kids' effort and said the 'facts' were misrepresented or 'incomplete' as the male contributed 1/3 of the causes for infertility between couples per medical opinion. So, the female should not be targeted and made to feel guilty for infertility issue. Again, it is a fair comment and 'I Love Kids' NGO can apologise and clarify that this fact should had been included.

The fact is: Singapore is short of Singaporean kids. Many adults and couples in the 'target group' know about this. Help from the government to overcome infertility issue is abundant. IVF, etc. are generously subsidised. The message of 'I Love Kids' is really for those who are NOT ready or DON'T WANT to have kids to have 2nd thought.

Happy making babies in the coming Lunar New Year break!

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