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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 16 January 2016 - "Experts" talk about Singapore Political System Reform??

1. "Taiwan gets first female President as DPP sweeps election - CNA/Agencies 16 Jan 2016

Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party has swept to power in the country's general election, clinching the presidency and the legislature as Tsai Ing-wen becomes its first female President.

We want to congratulate the DPP's victory, this is the Taiwan people's mandate," he said. "I'm sorry... We've lost. The KMT has suffered an election defeat. We haven't worked hard enough and we failed voters' expectations," said KMT candidate Eric Chu addressing tearful crowds at the party's headquarters in Taipei."

This ONE went as EXPECTED. Ms Tsai has won and history is made! May ROC (Taiwan) and its people has a good future going forward as President Tsai lead the country (territory) through difficult times ahead!

2."13th Parliament: Vital that diverse views are heard, say analysts - TODAY 16 Jan 2016

SINGAPORE: The need to refresh the political system as Singapore’s circumstances change highlighted by President Tony Tan in his opening address to the 13th Parliament on Friday night (Jan 15) caught some political observers’ eyes, as they suggested the Government could tap new approaches to better capture the full spectrum of diverse perspectives on the ground.

While they acknowledged the Government’s efforts to this end, in terms of dialogues and public consultations, the analysts said going beyond these existing initiatives would go towards Dr Tan’s call for Singapore to stay cohesive and move forward together.

Calling for views to be gathered from avenues beyond Government-endorsed dialogues, such as blogs, forums or civil society, former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Siew Kum Hong said: “There needs to be the recognition that disagreement, dissent and conflict are not necessarily unhealthy, as without those things, we are doomed to fail.”

“If you want to be fully inclusive, bring (these groups) in and engage them on their own terms.”

In the face of greater diversity of views in society, changing Singaporeans’ mindsets is also important, said another former NMP Eugene Tan. Singaporeans also need to be open-minded when considering different perspectives and allowing robust debate could help drive this mindset change, he added.

“(Diverse views) reflect a society that is becoming more complex ... The only way you can deal with it is for people to be able to engage in robust debate ... and not treating the differences in values as existential challenges,” said the Singapore Management University law don.

Institute of Policy Studies’ deputy director Gillian Koh noted, however, that a government-society partnership is not without challenges since ideas being pushed for may be driven by personal interests.

“The argument should be done with integrity and for that purpose and not with some hidden agenda ... We want shared governance, but this is the real danger of that shared governance going wrong,” she said."

I am NOT SURE IF the 'Experts' got what President Tan's address is ALL about!!

It is ABOUT: preventing a 'gridlock' government IF the democratic election system throws up a government that need 'coalition'!!

So, I will STICK to my controversial proposal yesterday BUT WITH a new twist as I DID NOT covered some loopholes:

1. the 2-vote for voters who voted for the ruling party proposal will means that ruling party only NEED to have 30% of voters voting for them to be in power to form the next government. This is NOT useful given our 'electorate system';

2. so, keep the 1-man-1-vote system BUT change the constitution so that the WINNING margin for a electoral contest must be more than 2/3 (66.6%) before the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) can be dethroned! This will be a stricter criterion than the 1st past 50% margin currently used. Reason: since the voters elected the INCUMBENT in the last General Election (GE), there is NO REASON to change UNLESS more than 66.6% of voters feel that he/she/they had done a lousy job of representing the interest of the MAJORITY (at least 66.6%)!;

3. as for DIVERSITY of opinions, etc. these can STILL be had as long as the out-of-bound (OB) factors of race/religion/language are OBSERVE strictly! The rest like how to run the public transportation system, public healthcare/economy/security/education/etc. are open to robust and vigorous discussion, debates and consultations.

If President Tan's address points to a Presidential system instead of the current Westminster system, I will definitely be VERY CONCERNED as ONE MAN cannot represent the People! If it is to be Presidential system, then it has definitely to be a winning margin of more than 75% imposed! WHY 75%? Again, it is the simple recognition that the President NEEDs to work for the MAJORITY of the people. 51%, 61% or 74% is SIMPLY NOT big enough to represent the MAJORITY. Of course, it would be better if we raise the margin to 90%. That would STOP factionalism!! That would prevent 'gridlock' in political decision on national policies!! YES?

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