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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 15 January 2016 - The NEED to change Singapore Political System!?

1. "Terrorism should not be viewed through religious lenses - TODAY 15 Jan 2016

In a commentary published by TODAY, Dr Norshahril Saat, fellow at ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute says in light of the recent Jakarta attacks, it is important to find the right solutions to fight terrorism."

ABSOLUTELY! Terrorism IS terrorism. It is committed by IS(IS) in this case since IT claimed responsibility!! Period. Even if it has a name of a religion in IS(IS), it is 1st & foremost a TERRORIST organization that commits TERRORIST acts!

Just like in the 70s and 80s when the British police WRONGLY labelled the 'rioting hooligans' as 'football fans' and COULD NOT stamp the violence OUT UNTIL they called the Hooligans 'Hooligans'!!

2. "Govt will study whether and how to improve Singapore political system: President Tony Tan - CNA 15 Jan 2016

To build on the progress made in its first 50 years, Singapore needs capable, clean leadership with an eye on the greater good, as well as appropriate checks and balances in a political system free of gridlock, says President Tony Tan Keng Yam."

The STAGE is SET for Singapore to create an UNIQUELY Singapore's political system! The FEAR of the 'inherent' weakness of full democracy where Voters are UNABLE to VOTE on the COLLECTIVE goods but THEIR OWN Narrowed INTEREST simply means that Singapore has to FIND a 'better system than this PURE democracy'!!

Lessons for me are:

1. late ex-MM/SM/PM Lee once 'famously' said that, if I recalled correctly, 'one-man-one-vote' is not the best way to choose a good government. He also criticised, which is a fact, that the Presidential election system of the USA is NOT really a democratic system given how the primary and weightage of votes are fixed;

2. will the government CHANGE the system to 'one-man many votes depending on WHICH political party you vote for'? e.g. those who vote for the ruling party get 2 votes and those against 1 vote only. In this WAY, ONLY when the VOTERS TRULY suffered under the government runs by the RULING PARTY feel SO DISAPPOINTED with the government that they will vote for the Opposition Parties? i.e. only when the voters overwhelmingly get disenchanted will they vote a 'good clean running' government OUT! IF that happened, the government of the days DESERVED to be voted out!;

3. if my wild suggestion in item 2 above become a REALITY, how would the traditional liberal Western and other liberal countries and people SEE Singapore? Will they be boycotting us OR will they see the DEEP WISDOM of such a system? After all, a country mired in gridlock politically CANNOT be good for its citizens and voters!

The more I think about it. The MORE it is NECESSARY to do SOMETHING to prevent any possibility of a GRIDLOCK parliament!!

Let's do it. Let's create ANOTHER uniquely Singapore invention!!

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