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Friday, January 15, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 14 January 2016 - ISIS officially claims responsibility for Jakarta blasts: Report

"ISIS officially claims responsibility for Jakarta blasts: Report - The Straits Times 14 Jan 2016

JAKARTA  - Five attackers, including two suicide bombers, were killed in Jakarta on Thursday (Jan 14) following a gun and bomb assault claimed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) that locked down the city centre for hours and also left two others dead.

“A group of soldiers of the caliphate in Indonesia targeted a gathering from the crusader alliance that fights the Islamic State in Jakarta through planting several explosive devices that went off as four of the soldiers attacked with light weapons and explosive belts,” the group said in a statement, Reuters reported.

ISIS reported that there were 15 people killed but the official tally according to the Indonesian government is seven. A news agency affiliated to ISIS had also reported the group’s responsibility.

Ottawa later said it had been informed by Indonesian officials that a Canadian was among the dead.
 Earlier, Jakarta police chief Tito Karnavian blamed ISIS for the attack. "ISIS is behind this attack definitely,” he told reporters. He said Indonesian ISIS fighter Bahrun Naim, who is believed to be in Syria, was “planning this for a while".
Several blasts were reported in the morning, including outside Starbucks cafe on the ground floor of the Jakarta Theatre building. Another blast occurred at a police post between the building and Sarinah shopping mall which is frequented by foreigners.

Two civilians - one Indonesian and one foreigner - were among the seven dead. All five dead militants were Indonesians.

The last major militant attacks in Jakarta were in July 2009, with bombs at the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels."

Widely anticipated though everyone wished that it never happen HAPPENED! It has to be in Jakarta!

Lessons for me are:

1. you CANNOT possibly 'preclude' a senseless terrorist attack in any big cities in the world without turning it into a TOTAL police state and lock-down mode forever!;

2. when the terrorist attack do happened, the security forces would be ready and able to respond speedily and appropriately to minimise any collateral damages. Every ordinary citizens, person simply has to be mentally prepared for such a scene, no matter how nightmarish it can be, so that THEY too can respond as best to protect and save themselves before the security forces come to the scene of crime!;

3. will the terrorists struck fears in the populace? YES. BUT just for a while. Maybe a few days or a few weeks. People in such big cities will SIMPLY have to carry on with their daily life making a living SOON after. The pressure of etching out a living is just too real and immediate. They will go about it with a hidden fear that such a scene may be repeated and they may be caught right in the middle of it. BUT still, they have to soldier on!

So, to this end, the objective of creating fear and paralysing a mega city with an attack is SIMPLY as WISHFUL thinking by the masters of these terrorists. The terrorists that got killed in this sad episode are just dispensable pawns. Dumb and dumber!

Condolences to the dead and their surviving families and friends. RIP.

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