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Friday, December 18, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 18 December 2015 - It would be nice to be a Judge. No?

1. Distraction: "Two senior management staff at Sports Hub asked to “step aside” - CNA/TODAY 18 Dec 2015"


"2016 National Day Parade to be held at Sports Hub - CNA 18 Dec 2015"

Hmm. Interesting development! Did anyone try to stop the next NDP to be held in the National Stadium?

Whatever it is, my POSITION on having NDP at the National Stadium STILL is: Let's keep it within a REASONABLE budget after blowing BIG TIME on SG50, SEA Game and APG in 2015!!

As for the senior staffs leaving the Sports Hub operator, it will NOT be helpful for the PR folks to say: "No comment at this moment!" as the outflow of 'senior people' seemed excessive. Of course, if they are NOT the REAL people doing the work, then it is OK. No loss to the REAL WORLD! BUT, if they are inspirational leaders that lift their employees' performance to the next level, they will be missed. Which are they?

2. MAIN TOPIC: Blogger Roy being asked to pay S$150k to PM Lee for defamation!

Every time I read a judgement that is not easy to comprehend, I realised WHY I had wanted to be a Judge when I was young! That whatever judgement the Judge made, it counts until some other Judge or Judges come along and reverse or amend it!

E.g. the recent UK Judge's letting a Saudi millionaire WALK FREE after saying something to the effect that the Accused accidentally 'penetrated' the teen rape victim while fall down! How incomprehensible and ludicrous can that be! The UK Justice system in this particular instance HAD FAILED to protect the rape victim! Hard to stomach. Sick to the core really!

Now with Blogger Roy being asked to pay PM Lee a smaller amount of S$150k even though past damages awarded to PM normally are in excess of S$300k as Blogger Roy is a person of LOW STANDING!

Something is missing for thinking people as:

1. PM Lee just led the ruling PAP to a much lauded BIG WIN in GE2015 when everyone was thinking that the Opposition Parties will make wave! It is quite obvious that PM Lee's reputation was NOT tarnished by this 'person of low standing' defamatory blogging! How did it work?;

2. it will be interesting to learn HOW MUCH MORE traffic did Blogger Roy got for his blog after his intentional 'defamatory blogging' and HOW MUCH MORE money did he make between then and NOW since it was to create MORE TRAFFIC to his blog and make MONEY as explained in the judgement? One thing every one-time Internet Star KNOW for sure is that FAME or INFAMY only last as long as the passing meteor flaming out faster than most can blink their eyes! So, again, how did it work?.

Anyway, Blogger Roy has resigned to dealing with this sentence and face the 'music'. Maybe he will be in jail for inability to pay the S$150k. Or maybe he will get some 'crowdfunding' to help him pay this off. Maybe he will be made a bankrupt like others before him who tried to defame the sitting PM of Singapore.

Whatever it is, it is an episode that will be recorded in Singapore's political history. Good, bad or ugly are still for discerning readers to decide.

For me, PM Lee has no need for this action as a person of such 'low standing' cannot possibly bring down a giant. A giant could have lion heart and forgive the 'culprit' whom did not really do any harm from evidence of the last GE!

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