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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 19 December 2015 - Ex-River Valley High principal admits to lying to MOE over affair with vendor

"Ex-River Valley High principal admits to lying to MOE over affair with vendor - CNA 18 Dec 2015

SINGAPORE: A former principal of River Valley High School (RVHS) pleaded guilty on Friday (Dec 18) for lying to the Ministry of Education about his sexual relationship with a vendor to whom he had awarded more than S$3 million worth of contracts over seven years.

Another charge for giving false information to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) will be taken into consideration in sentencing him.

Speaking to District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim in tears, Koh asked that he be shown mercy “so that I can live the rest of my life with dignity”. Koh, who is still married to his wife, apologised to her and their two children for the embarrassment caused.

He also spoke about his passion for education. “I love my work. I sleep and breathe education. Even when I sleep, I place a book beside my pillow,” Koh said."

A sad situation. At the same time, Mr Koh perhaps had NOT fully understood the DAMAGES he had done to the good name of the education profession, or vocation.

Lessons for me are:

1. the extra-marital affairs is for his wife to deal with privately. Hopefully she had forgiven him and they are still aOK. The kids will have to reconcile the situation too with themselves and their dad;

2. when one starts a lie, it normally followed that more lies would had to be told to cover the earlier lies until someone sensed that something simply do not adds up. It is always the case. The truth will be unveiled eventually! Of course, there might be some, a very small minority, cases where the truth were never found out because of passing of the involved parties or drastically changed circumstances. Still, the odds are not good enough for most gambling men and women to try their luck on lying to cover lies!;

3. as for sentencing for Mr Koh, it would be good that he actually go to jail to complete his WHOLE redemption. Like he said, his devotion to education where he lives, eats and breaths had been destroyed by this indiscretion. A 'crime' of passion. Of love maybe and not lust even. That he regretted and that his wife and kids had forgiven him for his follies are good foundation to build on. When he complete his jail term as requested for by the prosecutors, he would have TRULY cleared his debts. He would be FREE. Knowing that he OWES NOBODY anything now as he had paid his due.

For those who know him beyond this unfortunate incident, he would still be accepted. For those who CANNOT look past this incident, let them be. At his age, wife and kids are most important.

May he lives in peace after this nightmare.

p/s: I wonder IF MOE had re-looked at the need to send kids overseas for Community Involvement Program (CIP) when there are SO MANY people in Singapore that need help. Of course, for 'enrichment' experiences where Singapore cannot offer, it can be a different story!

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