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Friday, December 18, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 17 December 2015 - The Special One no more? And More Helps Needed?

1. "Football: Mourinho sacked as Chelsea manager - AFP 17 Dec 2015

"His three league titles, FA Cup, Community Shield and three League Cup wins over two spells make him the most successful manager in our 110-year history," Chelsea said. "But both Jose and the board agreed results have not been good enough this season and believe it is in the best interests of both parties to go our separate ways.

"The club wishes to make clear Jose leaves us on good terms and will always remain a much-loved, respected and significant figure at Chelsea. His legacy at Stamford Bridge and in England has long been guaranteed and he will always be warmly welcomed back to Stamford Bridge.""

The Special One NO MORE? A bit ironical BUT he who lives by the sword die by the sword. I am sure he understands the drill.

He is ONE of a KIND though he can be kinder in my opinion and prove that 'Nice guy can get ahead!'. Alas, he is not into this. So, be it.

All the best to him as his pockets won't be hurt though his pride may take a hit.

2. "More Singaporeans receiving social assistance: MSF - CNA 17 Dec 2015

A total of S$116 million was given out in financial assistance under the ComCare programme in FY2014, an increase of 10 per cent from the previous financial year, says the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

More people applied for short-to-medium term assistance over the past three financial years, said MSF. The figure went up 13 per cent in FY2014 to 27,500. The numbers have also been increasing over the past three financial years.

The long-term scheme is mainly for needy Singaporeans who are unable to work due to old age or illness. Under the scheme, the needy can receive cash assistance for their daily expenses and their children will be able to get help with schooling expenses.

ComCare, introduced in 2005, is funded by the ComCare Endowment Fund, which currently stands at about S$1.7 billion."

S$1.7B is NOT a lot of money to HELP 40k people really. If each of these beneficiaries NEED S$200/mth x 12 mths/year = S$2.4k/yr/pax x 40k pax = S$  96m/yr ==> S$1.7B = 1700m/96m = 17.7 yrs ONLY.

So, these people better be able to live on their own and feed themselves! Otherwise, there is NOT enough to give!

Holistic help is needed. How to achieve it will be something the next generation of people and maybe the government to work on. Not pretty! BUT real!!

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