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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 16 December 2015 - Finally Calvin is on with Amos in tow?

1. "Police report filed over ex-NMP Calvin Cheng’s ‘killing children’ remarks - TODAY 16 Dec 2015

SINGAPORE: A police report has been made against former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng, over his Facebook comment about killing the children of terrorists.

The report was filed by the opposition People's Power Party's (PPP) organising secretary Augustine Lee Tze Shih.
On Nov 17, Mr Cheng posted a four-line comment online, which suggested killing the children of terrorists “in case they grow up to take revenge”. He had been responding to a thread about liberalism and security started by Future-Moves group chief executive Devadas Krishnadas.

After receiving negative feedback, Mr Cheng later clarified on his blog that his comment was not “hate speech”. He added then that he was “hoping to tease out a philosophical discussion about the killing of children (and women) terrorists”, after reading a CNN article about ISIS grooming children as terrorists.

He has also apologised to the Media Literacy Council, of which he is a member, and the Media Development Authority Singapore.

When contacted by TODAY on Wednesday (Dec 16), Mr Cheng declined to comment on the police report that had been made against him.

Mr Goh Meng Seng, the PPP’s secretary-general, said: “Allowing people to incite violence against the innocent children or even the family members of any criminal – I think he is challenging the current system … From a legal point of view, my party believes that this view is dangerous (as) it will set the precedent that will challenge the rule of law.”"

17 Nov 2015 to 16 Dec 2015, almost a full month had passed before someone ACTUALLY take the trouble to file a Police Report against ex-NMP Calvin Cheng. This is eon in internet time!

Interesting development. Let's see where this will lead the parties involved.

Personally, I think it is WRONG to kill the children of terrorists unless the psychiatrists can conclusively said that: the children had been so brain-washed that THEY WILL seek REVENGE by killing ANY innocent fellow human being! IF NOT, taking life so young will be totally wrong!

As for the terrorists 'training' children and women to carry out terrorist attacks, this is an entirely different story. When they are caught in the act, or before they blow themselves to pieces, they have to answer for their crimes. Children WILL BE tried under the Children' Act or whatever laws applicable to deal with under-aged criminals. For adult women, laws that apply to adult will be applied. Simple as that.

2. "Amos Yee to be interviewed by police for offensive remarks - TODAY 16 Dec 2015

SINGAPORE: The police have said officers will interview teenage blogger Amos Yee “upon his return to Singapore”, in connection with investigations into offensive remarks made online about religion.

Yee, 17, was to have shown up at Jurong Police Division on Monday (Dec 14) to assist with investigations, but he failed to do so.

In a blog post last month, Yee had responded to remarks supposedly made by former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng and made references to Islam.

The police said in response to media queries that Yee is not prohibited from travelling overseas.

The teenager has posted multiple times on social media since the police issued a statement last Saturday that reports have been lodged against a 17-year-old male Singaporean for making offensive remarks about religion online.

Yee acknowledged being the person in question and posted an image of the letter from the police asking him to show up at the police station to state what he knew about the latest case. He also described the police arriving at his home and said on Tuesday that he had run away from home.

Yee was convicted this year of wounding the religious feelings of Christians and for posting an obscene image online. He was sentenced to four weeks’ jail and his appeal was dismissed by the court."

LOL! Oh Amos, Amos. Here you go again?!?!

Interesting that his post was 'inspired' by ex-NMP Calvin Cheng, who as you can see in report above is being investigated by the police as well.

Where will this lead him to this time? He is 17 going on 18, maybe, just maybe, he has a very good reason this time to stay out of trouble even though a Police Report was filed against him for 'making offensive remarks about religion online.'.

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