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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 17 November 2015 - Hkg vs. PRC, ISIS Talent Pool and more!

1. "Football: Hong Kong dent China's World Cup hopes - AFP 17 Nov 2015

Hong Kong weren't one of the night's winners but they celebrated as if they were after holding China to a goalless draw which kept them ahead of their rivals in Group C, while putting leaders Qatar through.

Fans jeered the "March of the Volunteers" anthem, which the semi-autonomous territory shares with its giant neighbour, while some turned their backs and held up signs saying "Boo"."

How ironical if the 'subject' put the Masters out of the World Cup that the Masters SO DESPERATELY want to go to!!

A MISMATCH really in this weird world of FIFA. A territory of PRC playing against PRC the country. Suffice to say, the 'anti-PRC Hongkongers' had a night to celebrate though they STILL need to figure out are the Part of PRC or NOT!?!?

2. "IS recruiting from ASEAN because of talented, learned people: Malaysian minister - CNA 17 Nov 2015

Malaysia's Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed said Southeast Asia has become a recruitment hub for militant groups like the Islamic State because of its talent pool."

Indeed, as with ALL religious cases, the perpetrators are NOT just dumb and dumber type of people though the pawns are normally those with psychological wounds and traumas from life. So, the Malaysian Minister made a good point. The question is: WHY would some intelligent, 'educated' and learned persons would subscribe to the warped ISIS's ideology of: 'If you are not a believer, you deserved to be killed'?

3. "Russian Plane was down by bomb on board! - CNA 17 Nov 2015"

Moscow has confirmed that its plane was downed by a bomb planted in the plane as it took off from Egypt for Russia with a few hundred Russians on board. ALL died.

A serious looking President Putin announced that and vowed to track down the perpetrators wherever they maybe. Russia will increase strike in Syria against ISIS for sure. Russia is a country that had used terrorist tactics to intimidate others. While the Russians who perished in the plane bombing SHOULD NEVER had been made to pay for that, it was a grim reminder that when the terrorists COULD NOT strike at the 'power that be', they will just take down ANYONE, innocent or not!

In the meantime, France continued to increase its strikes against ISIS stronghold in Syria. The EU countries have also responded to France's call for assistance to fight against terrorism within minutes after the call went out. So, maybe this 'massive victory claimed by ISIS' is a bit too pre-mature.

May ISIS not last past the consequence of last Friday massacres in Paris!

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