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Monday, November 16, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 16 November 2015 - Terrorism threat in Southeast Asia a 'serious, difficult' issue: PM Lee

1. "Mobile Air owner Jover Chew pleads guilty - CNA 16 November 2015

Chew faced charges of cheating, criminal intimidation, and intentional distress, involving a total of S$16,049. He pleaded guilty to 12 charges, and will be sentenced on Nov 30."

A side show really with the death of more than 129 people in the Paris terrorist attacks last Friday 13 Nov 2015! Good that he is paying for his offences. Quite repulsive behaviours really. Hopefully NEW COMERS will NOT try their lucks with their customers and Singapore's good reputation as a Fair and Just shopping country restored!

2. "Terrorism threat in Southeast Asia a 'serious, difficult' issue: PM Lee - CNA 15 Nov 2015

SINGAPORE: The terrorism threat in Southeast Asia is a serious and difficult problem, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, in an interview published on Monday (Nov 16).

In the interview with The Australian newspaper that was held before the multiple terror attacks in Paris, Mr Lee said that it is not just "random individuals" who are being radicalised and going to Syria to join ISIS.

Mr Lee pointed to Malaysia as an example, noting that there were repeated incidents of people from the army going to Syria. He said Malaysia had just arrested two commandos on top of nearly a dozen military personnel earlier.
He also made reference to Indonesia, saying that there are parts of the country which are remote from centres of government. “If (the radicals) set up a little base camp there and call that ISIS in Southeast Asia or some such title, then that is another focal point which can attract activists to go to as a kind of Mecca,” he said.
Mr Lee also shared his thoughts on why such violent ideology persists, calling it a "very difficult" problem.
“It is not purely religion and yet it is not unrelated to a certain warped view of religion. Some people genuinely persuade themselves that this is the way to heaven and so they pursue this perverted path,” he said. “Others know very little about religion or doctrine. Something has gone with their life and this is their way to hit out at the world or at their society.
“Some of them are young people who are just misled. They are at the soul-searching stage of their lives and they stumble across this and then, get led deeper and deeper in and then, it is almost too late,” he added. “We have picked up students who are like that. They are in school and they did not have a network. It is not that they had radical friends but somehow they became interested in this.”
Mr Lee said it was lucky that authorities have discovered such students."

Religion is an emotional thingy. Rationality has no chance. There lies the MOST dangerous bit of so-called 'religious terrorism' and 'religious terrorists'!

1. is it POSSIBLE to 'de-convert a converted so-called ISIS type terrorist'? It is a bit like treating some mentally troubled patients. It can be done provided the patients are cooperative in taking the regular doses of medication prescribed for them. When they don't, and thankfully as they are denied access to firearms in this part of the work unlike in the USA, their uncontrolled 'rage' or 'conditions' cannot create a massive damage to properties, and more importantly, lives! There WILL BE hit and miss!!;

2. IF it is NOT totally due to religious teaching and doctrine, will having a stake in society, feeling they have been given a fair shake, feeling that they are given equal opportunity to work hard and smart and to apply their knowledge and skills to useful work in society, etc. CHANGED their impulsiveness to TAKE IT OUT on 'those who discriminate and ill-treated them'? YET, should it be 'the society at large BENDING BACKWARD to accommodate them IF they are NOT pulling their weight and doing their own heavy lifting'? One can NEVER TELL except for THOSE WHO MADE IT among them to HELP their own kinds who are LESS SUCCESSFUL to help themselves!

In this case, when their OWN SUCCESSFUL people, with resources supplied and supported by the majority, helped them and they FAILED, at least the majority WILL NOT be blamed for NOT been fair.

3. the vulnerable, the young, the ignorant and the impressionable 'recruits' that the 'cunny and ruthless' masters/manipulators will capture and turn into 'human bombs and suicide warriors' love so much, how can we help them? EXPOSURE!! Any opportunities to expose them to the WIDER world. Any chance to help them acquire knowledge and learning to learn to distinguish what is right and what is wrong? what is religious extremism? Again, if all the negatives painted in the young minds CANNOT tally with reality that he or she lives in, it is LESS LIKELY that they will believe as FIRMLY as the reality keep reinforcing the 'tales that had been fed to them'. That the followers of their religion had been wrongly persecuted, unfairly treated, no help was given and even denied when others want to help, etc. etc.

This CAN HAPPEN in Singapore. BUT will it happen in other countries with less resources and methods? Maybe NOT. A bit like educating the 'slash and burn' farming folks that had been causing the haze for the last decade or more, sometime you are at your wit's end and begin to doubt if 'soft approach' is appropriate! Hmm. The story is not ending ...

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