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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 15 November 2015 - Paris attacks: What we know so far

"Paris attacks: What we know so far - AFP 15 Nov 2015
French police have identified the first attacker out of the three teams of gunmen who carried out the worst ever attacks ever visited on Paris, which killed 129 people and wounded hundreds more."
More details emerged. Belgium, Greece, Germany and France authorities are all involved. Stay tune.
More questions to ponder over:
1. is it true that one of them had a Syrian passport that was registered as 'refugee' in Greece in October 2015? If so, does it mean ALL EU countries should shut the doors on the refugees? Is it human to deny entry to the genuine refugees who are escaping war in Syria and oppressive persecution by a 'bad' Home Country government?
Tough question to answer! The solution is back to my original assertion: create a Home Country that NO CITIZEN would want to leave! For this to happen, the PEOPLE have to take action. Disallowed foreign interference! Blood will be shed but at least the PEOPLE will be shedding blood and life to be in their own HOME COUNTRY!;
2. WHY would these killers do what they had done? Why would they 'willingly' and cold-bloodedly killed innocent people before blowing themselves up? Suppressed lots? Had the French government and people done such injustice to them that they can only be satisfied with the death of the French and ANY OTHER NATIONALITIES who happened to be in the 'theatre of death'?? Some were fellow Muslims right; like those from Algeria? The TERRORISTS don't really care do they!!
Is it as I had feared: that religious fervent is so strong and emotionally powerful that NONE of they can think RATIONALLY about what they were asked to do? to kill innocent people who might had NO ISSUE WHATSOEVER with Islam and Muslims!!??
3. can those arrested be helpful to at least answer some of these questions posed above? I hope so. For the family members and friends of the dead, they need some form of closure. They need to know why their loved ones are dead even if they may never understand the motive!
Reportedly more than 30 foreigner's bodies had yet to be identified in this morning report. What anguishes their family members and loved ones must be going through now. Hoping that while they could not contact their loved ones, maybe because they were still hiding somewhere and their mobile phone juices went low or totally out. Maybe. Just maybe; until a positive identification can be made with a dead body!
A Singaporean lady in Paris reported that she was sad and disgusted. Yes. We, at least normal human being, feel that same way as she did.
A sad sad situation. May it never happen again. Another 'hope' or 'prayer' that will probably NOT be answered. Maybe it is more realistic to say: if it happened again, may the casualties number be MUCH lower and only confined to the perpetrators!

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