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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 14 November 2015 - 'Pray for Paris' or 'Solve YOUR own Problems'?

"At least 128 people killed in Paris terror attacks - AFP/Reuters/etc. 14 November 2015

PARIS: At least 128 people were killed in a series of terror attacks in Paris on Friday (Nov 13), according to a source at the prosecutor's office.

Police said around 100 people were killed at the Bataclan music venue in eastern Paris alone, with reports saying armed attackers shot dead people attending a rock concert one by one before police stormed the building.

Reports said four men who attacked the Bataclan concert hall were themselves killed when police stormed the building, including three who activated explosive belts. Three more died near the national stadium and a fourth was killed in a street in eastern Paris. In total, eight militants were killed in the attacks, according to an investigation source.

Altogether 300 people have been hospitalised, with 99 critically injured, according to media reports.

An initial investigation has been opened for "killings in relation to a terrorist enterprise", said chief prosecutor Francois Molins, adding there were at least seven attackers in total.

One witness said an attacker had earlier yelled "Allahu akbar" ("God is greatest") and fired into the crowd at the concert given by US rock band Eagles of Death Metal.

It was one of a series of attacks at seven locations across Paris in an unprecedented night of carnage
in the French capital that is still recovering from militant attacks in January. The Islamic State  has claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying it sent militants strapped with suicide bombing belts and carrying machine guns to various locations in the heart of the capital.
A Syrian passport was later found near the body of one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up near a Paris soccer stadium, sources close to the investigation of the attacks told Reuters.
A French national is also believed to be among four men who stormed the concert hall, police and a source close to the investigation told AFP. Investigators said they had found the body of a French national who was known to intelligence services and indicated that he was likely one of four men who attacked the Bataclan concert hall. They did not give details of his identity or his background.

An AFP reporter outside the Bataclan said before the police stormed the venue, hundreds of officers carrying machine-guns were keeping guard and more than 20 police wagons with their lights flashing were at the scene."

So some people are STILL fascinated by numerology. "Friday the 13th" seems like a good day to go out that and shoot and kill innocent people who are just going about their daily life!

Lessons for me are:

1. At the Bataclan concert hall, was there supposedly to be a hostage situation OR the killers just shot and killed concert goers leaving the police with no choice but to storm the venue? The news report suggested it was the latter. IF true, there is NO CONTROVERSY. IF YES, COULD lives had been spared by NEGOTIATING with the terrorists? A BIG question to be answered as the truth comes out!;

2. Shouting 'God is greatest!' while killing someone must be the ultimate excuse given by the terrorists to themselves. It also shows that they are REALLY just a bunch of loser and COWARDS! IF any religion have a God that rejoice in asking its/his/her followers to KILL innocent people to be GREAT or GREATEST, maybe I don't understand RELIGION!!

Some commentators, in the Chinese websites, made the remarks that Islamic State is just 'putting into practice the original real teaching of Islam as they understand them' is fine since they believe in 'if you don't believe in my God of my religion, you don't deserve to live!' BUT this concept or belief is SO out-of-date. So PATHETIC to try to talk about what the Crusaders had done to the Muslims a few hundred years ago! NOBODY in the right frame of mind will CONDONE that EVERYONE MUST belong to JUST ONE RELIGION or else BE KILLED! It would be MADNESS and lunacy!

3. Can a city be defended? Paris was on HIGH ALERT and sensitised to possible TERRORISTS' attacks after the January incident and the coming UN Global Climate Change conference. YET, 7 simultaneous deadly attacks were STAGED! Have some intelligent agencies being sleeping on the job? Difficult question to answer. With reportedly a French national among the gunmen, even though supposedly someone known to the intelligent agencies, it is HARD to track EVERY suspected terrorist with murderous intent. Do we want a TOTAL POLICE STATE or we still want some respect for privacy and freedom of movement?

Another tough question to answer in the aftermath.

4. 'Solve YOUR OWN problems' is another angle I look at this 'spread of terrorism' to countries who got involved in the Middle East conflicts. The terrorists supposedly blamed the French for getting involved with military operations against the Islamic State.

Well, it is an Islamic problem. It is between Muslim and Muslim. Between Saudi Arabia, UAE and the MANY oil rich countries where IMMENSE WEALTH are accumulated in VERY FEW families or powerful people, THEY HAVE enough money to SOLVE their own problems!

The VISION should be: a Middle East where NO Middle East person would want to LEAVE because life is good there!

Many 'oil money interested parties and countries' were in the Middle East for the WRONG REASON. Theirs are to make money despite MESSING up the lives of millions of ordinary people. Does it make any sense?

Again, I am not a good accountant despite being a CA/CPA. If it is about the MONEY, they have enough to solve their own problems.

If it is about EMOTIONALLY charged 'revision of the OLD way of the particular branch of Islam where non-believers should be killed', then GOD help the human being!

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