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Friday, November 13, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 13 November 2015 - Historic Mynamar Votes & What's Next

This is Friday 13th. No longer a talk-about Black Friday! Good things happened on Black Friday these days actually! LOL!!

"Suu Kyi's NLD party wins majority in Myanmar Parliament - AFP 13 Nov 2015

YANGON: Aung San Suu Kyi's party secured a landslide election victory in Myanmar on Friday (Nov 13), propelling the pro-democracy movement to power after a 25-year struggle against authoritarian rule.

It promises a new dawn for a country asphyxiated by half a century of army rule that battered the economy and repressed its people. In a reflection of rapid changes that have swept the country, confirmation of the win came five years to the day since Suu Kyi was released from house arrest by the military.

She has now led her National League for Democracy party to a massive popular mandate with more
than 80 percent of seats going to the movement. The NLD on Friday sailed through the two-thirds majority it needs to rule, claiming 364 parliamentary seats with a number of results yet to be declared.

The election has won praise from observers for its smooth, peaceful passing, in a country where violence and repression has normally met democratic milestones."

A HISTORIC moment for democracy in Myanmar. The sitting President is amiable to the results. The POWERFUL military chief is talking conciliation and respecting the votes of the people. So, things are looking good for a democratic parliament and government.

1. can Ms Suu Kyi's party DELIVER as a GOVERNMENT? They said they had been ready to form the government for many years since. If that is so, great. Now it is 'walk-the-talk' time!!;

2. Ms Suu Kyi's comments made the last time she was in Singapore kind of stuck with me when she said: Myanmar will have a different kind of economic growth from that of Singapore. I don't have the details of what she had in mind BUT it would be good IF she and her colleagues can work on: a. NO get-rick-quick from Land Grabs and REAL ESTATE development! Have a credible PUBLIC housing scheme BETTER than HDB. Let the 'newly rich' folks go buy PRIVATE properties IF THEY SO WISHED since they have the doles!;  b. make sure it is NOT ALL commercial commercial! Make sure that the rural, agricultural industries are given EQUAL FOCUS and allocate resources to them appropriately; c. let not Mother Earth be 'raped and savaged' with the many mineral resources that the country possesses;  d. work on the NATIONAL VALUES of 'hard work, integrity, respects for all, do things that benefit the biggest number of people with minimal intrusion to the rights of the minority as much as possible;  e. peaceful resolutions of any conflicts and disputes!

3. Will the democratic Myanmar be a better country for the majority of its people? Hopefully yes. Otherwise it would be another opportunity missed in the annual of Asean political history, though not for the 1st time. e.g. Thailand, the Philippines after Marco was overthrown, Malaysia's recent descent to the pit, etc.

May there be growth in Myanmar. A DIFFERENT and sustainable kind of growth!

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