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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 12 November 2015 - NUS graduates ranked 17th most employable in the world: Global survey

"NUS graduates ranked 17th most employable in the world: Global survey - CNA 12 Nov 2015

SINGAPORE: The National University of Singapore (NUS) places 17th in the world in a ranking that measures how universities perform on graduate employability.

In a press release on Thursday (Nov 12), NUS said this was an improvement from 2014 when it ranked 39th. NUS is now also the only Singapore university among the world's top 20.

The Global Employability University Ranking surveyed more than 2,200 recruiters from 21 countries, who were asked to vote for the universities that - based on their professional experience - were producing the best "ready-for-work" graduates, said NUS."


As a result of this survey, the government should:

1. replace ALL expats with NUS graduates as they are 17th best in the world! So, our graduates should be GOOD enough for ALL the PME jobs in Singapore! Yeah!!;

2. mandate foreign companies in Singapore to hire NUS graduates as they are the 17th best in the world and allow NO excuses why some of the jobs must be filled by foreigners as Singaporeans are NOT good enough!;

3. when we have NUS graduates FILLING ALL the PME jobs and we STILL have surplus, we will EXPORT them to the rest of Asean and Asia Pacific, including Australia since NO universities from that BIG COUNTRY ranked higher than the 17th best in the world NUS graduates!

I suggest the DEADLINE to see ITEM 1 above implemented be before 31 December 2016 to be fair to ALL employers, foreign ones included, to 'plan the exit of their Expats as NUS Graduates CAN do the expats' jobs with absolutely NO PROBLEM!!

WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! No so fast. Are we sure this survey results CANNOT rely on? Why are many EMPLOYERS in Singapore NOT employing Singaporean graduates? From what I heard and read, the reasons given were: no real employable skills and knowledge, set overly unrealistic expectations about pay and progression, asking too much when contributing so little, pampered lots that cry babies to the parents, weak and lazy (?) giving up too easily when obstacles were met at work, etc.

Is the Survey right or the Employers right? Hmmm.

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