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Friday, October 23, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 19-23 October 2015 - Missing in Actions and Catchng Up

Being 'Missing in Actions' (MIA) for the last few nights as I was simply too tired to write during the last 2 days of Biking and another 2 days of travelling back to Singapore.


1. Day 3 and 4 of the Jeju Biking came and gone! We had an 'almost' accident when one of the riders' bike hit a bump and just swung to the left onto the main road! It was a heart stopping moment as a vehicle could had been right behind him and that would be very very bad! Thankfully the escort van was right behind us to 'protect' us. Mr Noh, our driver/guide/protector, you EARNED your keep and MORE! <3 p="">
2. No. 1 news in Singapore for me has to be: the Conviction of the 6 accused in the long drawn trial of City Harvest Church (CHC)!

Interesting to read that CHC still has 17k+ faithful followers of the 6 accused, their leaders! Especially their prime leader, Mr Kong Hee.

17k+ followers are still big deal though at its peak it had more than 30+k followers!

Such is the situation with religion. There is NO LOGIC when emotion is involved. The more aroused the emotion, the less rationality has a chance to make a point!

It seems that some, or all, of them may appeal against the judgement of 'Guilty as charged'. Let's the next round begin.

Personally, I am MORE INTERESTED to find out HOW MUCH has the State spent (or some would say: WASTED) in persecuting these 6 accused. When the numbers are REVEALED, perhaps it is TIME to scrutinize WHY SHOULD lawyers' fees be SO EXPENSIVE!

3. The HAZE are back!!

Interesting. Or should it be 'very alarming' that after Indonesia finally accepted foreign fire fighting helps, the HAZE continued to get WORST!! Perhaps it was a case of 'we REALLY TRULY' cannot handle this immeasurable man-made disaster of our OWN MAKING and time to call for external help EVEN THOUGH we KNOW it was TOO LATE. At least we can blame the FOREIGN FIRE FIGHTERS!?!?

I hope NOT. I sincerely hope that THIS CRAZY and RIDICULOUS idea is NOT TRUE!

This sad episode revealed to me that HUMAN BEINGs are JUST too weak to deal with its nature. Its nature of: weakness. How this 'thing' could have happened consecutively for MORE than 10 years is SIMPLY beyond ANY RATIONAL being's imagination!

The maths don't add up. e.g. damages caused is USD45B! Would it had taken 10% or even 20% of that USD45B to fight the fire AND institute PREVENTIVE PERMANENT measures to STOP it from happening next year? If it would, I am SURE EVERYONE affected by this man-made disaster would chip in!

Again, while I don't want to encourage bad and irresponsible behaviours of 'slash & burn', I believe it paying the culprits ONE TIME, and then if they ever breach this again, some suggested 'a bullet is just a few USD'!! May we never get to this stage as we are at the highest point of the Animals Kingdom. As human being we cannot take the life of another. YET, those 'slashed and burned' human beings ARE keeping human beings AND Mother Earth, a crime after being paid to stop deserved NOT to pay with their own lives?

Controversial solution?

4. Funniest comments by a government official on the drop of 1.9% in train and bus fares in Jan 2016

Heard on the radio 938Live by an government official that he is GLAD that the formula used by the Public Transportation Council (PTC) works WELL TOO to cause a drop in the train and bus fares!

It is one of the funniest comments I heard! Surely if the price of the components moved, the derived number based on a fixed same formula WILL produce Ups and Downs movements!

The Question by the public in the last train and bus fare increases was: WHY can't PTC use its discretionary power to STOP the 'increase in train and bus fare' when one of the major components, oil prices, was tumbling like crazy!

I don't think ANYONE doubted that the END NUMBER WILL come down IF the oil price continued to fall lower and lower. YES?

Missed the point? Are not High ranking government official supposed to be MORE intelligent than mere mortals? LOL.


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