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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 24-25 October 2015 - Germany's Refugees & Haze at the Door

1. "Support for Merkel's conservatives at three year low on refugee crisis - Reuters 25 Oct 2015

BERLIN: Support for German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives has dropped to its lowest level in more than three years, a poll showed on Sunday, as her allies in the state of Bavaria stepped up criticism of her handling of the refugee crisis.

Horst Seehofer, head of the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) in Bavaria, the entry point for most migrants coming to Germany, said that the existence of the conservative bloc was at stake if she did not "correct" her asylum policy.

Merkel has been criticised by some conservatives for opening up Germany's borders to Syrian refugees, a move they say has spurred more migrants to come. Critics, especially in Bavaria, want to introduce limits on the number of refugees allowed to enter the country.

Germany expects at least 800,000 refugees this year, almost 1 percent of the population. As towns struggle to look after migrants and tackle right-wing attacks on shelters, her mantra that Germany will cope looks optimistic to many voters.

A new law to speed up asylum procedures and deportation for migrants from southeastern Europe took effect on Saturday and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung reported Germany wants to increase repatriations to Afghanistan.

Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen defended Merkel.

"Despite all the understandable disquiet... the basis of the conservative bloc is very well aware that no-one can better steer Germany and Europe through this difficult time than the chancellor," she told the Funke group of newspapers."

Maybe Germany is TRYING to do TOO MUCH to atone for its role in WWII, which to me they HAD MORE than adequately discharged themselves with integrity and respect by the 'old' enemies. Unlike, as many in East Asia would the conducts of some Japanese lawmakers since WWII!

My take on this issue are still:

1. no one should be leaving his or her own country in this modern age as foods are not a problem really!;

2. no country CAN solve the refugees problem IF the numbers are going to be overwhelming!;

3. BEST way to solve the refugees problem is to KEEP THEM THERE! They have to fight for their own existence in their own country! Seriously, escaping is NOT a solution. The BEST PART is some of them in their 'new' host country will EVENTUALLY demand to have the SAME CUSTOMS and TRADITIONS as in their 'old' home country. Irony indeed!

2. "Singapore will continue working to tackle root causes of haze-causing fires: MFA - CNA 25 Oct 2015

SINGAPORE: Even though Singapore’s fire-fighting mission in Indonesia has ended, the work to tackle the root causes of the haze-causing fires is not over, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said on Sunday (Oct 25).

In response to media queries, MFA said the Government intends to enhance bilateral, regional and international cooperation to tackle the fires, and will continue to take legal action against errant companies responsible for the haze through the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act.

To that end, Singapore looks forward to Indonesia’s response to “repeated requests” to share information on the errant companies following its agreement to do so on Sep 27, MFA said.

“This information will be critical in helping Singapore to take the fullest course of legal action against these companies under the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act,” it said.

Despite the protracted haze situation this year, Singapore remains committed to cooperating with Indonesia, MFA said.

“We look forward to resuming our bilateral environmental cooperation with Jambi Province which has been beneficial to the peoples of Jambi. Singapore hopes to expand such cooperation to other regions and provinces in Indonesia,” it said.
The ministry also called for “firm and decisive action” from ASEAN to prevent the recurrence of the haze. It said Singapore will work closely with other ASEAN countries to fully operationlise the ASEAN Haze Monitoring System and other cooperative initiatives."

So the 10-day mission has ended. Unfortunately there do not seem like any IMPROVEMENT in the 'haze at our doors' situation!

My take on this are;

1. the whole episode reveals WHAT Asean is NOT! To bind the members and yet let them be independent since it has a non-interference clause or intention principle!;

2. sense of pride on 'jurisdiction over territories' is always very tricky to accept for the 'home' government. Why should Singapore's laws have power over companies operating in Indonesia! I assume Singapore government, or for that matter, any other governments, would NOT have accepted this kindly;

3. assuming that the ROOT causes can be found, I wonder IF Asean will have the political will and the good sense to tailor effective solutions to eliminate these identified ROOT CAUSES! As I had repeated in the past, from an economics standpoint, the costs of making sure this ANNUAL fire do not happen ever again ARE MUCH LOWER than the Benefits that the 3 immediate countries like Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia can derive from.

Start with carrots and then with the sticks. No 'if' or 'but'. JUST DO IT!! e.g. pay for 'bad behaviours' then 'brutal elimination' if renegaded; Asean-funded project to irrigate and deal with the 'peat lands' as suggested by President Jokowi; etc.

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