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Monday, October 26, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 26 October 2015 - More Rail Problems?

It is not looking good isn't it for the 'rail' is a real problem! LOL!!

1. "North East Line down on morning of O, A Level exams - CNA 26 October 2015

Fewer than 20 students were affected by the two-hour MRT disruption, with the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board saying that all students were given "the full duration" allotted for their papers."


2. "Rail network needs 'rat catchers': Transport Minister Khaw - CNA 26 Oct 2015

Citing Advisor on Rail Transformation Tan Gee Paw, Mr Khaw Boon Wan said that to do preventive risk analysis on the rail network, there was a need for rail engineers willing to go beyond standard operating procedure."


3. "Free bus services islandwide in wake of North East Line disruption - CNA 26 Oct 2015

The move was made in the light of both O and A level examinations taking place on Oct 26. This is the first time free buses have been activated islandwide since the Jul 7 North South and East West Lines were disrupted."

BY NOW, I don't think I NEED to ADD any more 'bad news' and the 'associated costs of the rail system coming down'.

Maybe we should put up a 'S$1m awards' for ANYONE who can solve the 'rail' problem instead of just relying on the 'rail engineers' or the 'real rail experts'?

There was this story that the 'extraction method' to get spilled oils out of the Arctic spills by BP (?), I think, came from a TOTALLY expected place and people who had ZERO knowledge about oils & gas!!

S$1m or even S$10m is PEANUT compare to the costs we can save EACH TIME the rail system goes down!


Out-of-box? or 'There was NO BOX in the 1st place' as someone try to one-up the 'out-of-box' school of thoughts?


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