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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 17-18 October 2015 - Jeju Biking Trip Day 1 and 2

Day 1 Completed 75km and enjoying it as the sceneries are simply superb! Along the North East coastlines of Jeju, an island that is still volcanic, the black colour rocks in the sea simply looks great!

Day 2 Completed 57km but with lots of ups and downs the many hills around that truly stretched our resolves to continue after the 10th ups and downs amongst the 20+!!

It is a totally different ride from Day 1 when I did not really broke much sweats and saw the need to wash my biking attires! By the end of Day 2 ride, the clothes are totally in need of a wash if I don't want to offend anyone with sensitive smells!

The driver/guide said the toughest of the 4 rides over the 4-day is over us now and we SHOULD be able to relax a little for the next 2 days ride!

It is good to have our resolves tested in this 'safe environment'. It is very gratifying to learn from our Korean friend who organized this trip that even the Guide/driver was impressed as he expected some of us to give up along today's route BUT NONE of us even consider that option!

We are just a bunch of above 50s who want to prove that WE STILL HAVE IT!!

Bring on the next 2 days and enjoy!! 

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