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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 30 September 2015 - DIY toolkit launched for senior citizens to chart their well-being

30 September 2015 will be over in 13 more minutes! That means 3/4 of 2015 will be over!! As I take stock of my 2015 Resolutions, I think I am doing fine with some, lagging badly on some and feeling a bit embarrassed at the LACK of determination to honour these Resolutions!

Well, to be purposeful and take action, one has to be MINDFUL first. Now that I am aware of what are lagging behind, I better take actions! Let's GO last quarter of 2015!! 6 December 2015 SCMS MUST be Front & Center for the next 8 weeks! Train regardless of the haze!! Stay indoors. No excuses!

"DIY toolkit launched for senior citizens to chart their well-being - CNA 30 September 2015

SINGAPORE: A new do-it-yourself (DIY) toolkit for senior citizens to chart their well-being was released at the inaugural Positive Ageing conference on Wednesday (Sep 30).

It aims to identify aspects seniors are weak in and guide them towards acquiring new skills and hobbies. The toolkit will be available online for members of the public to download. It will also be distributed at the Council for Third Age office and through its partner centres - Feiyue Community Services, RSVP Singapore, Yah! College and WINGS. The agency hopes to reach out to 20,000 to 30,000 seniors by the end of 2016.

The simple toolkit covers seven dimensions of well-being. Senior citizens answer questions in the booklets, which include how healthy and active they are and how well they understand their current financial situation."

Was at the event this afternoon. Listened to 1 Key Notes Speaker, Mr Lim Siong Guan, Chairman of GIC Group, a distinguished ex-mandarin of Singapore government; and 2 other Speakers who are qualified professionals on Research Results on: Happiness and Well Being. Most interesting.

As one of the fastest greying nations in the world with more than 60% of Singaporeans older than 65 years old come 2030, keeping the 'oldies' healthy in every sense of the world is ironically GOOD economy!!

Lessons for me are:

1. the attendants of this Summit or Congress or whatever you may want to call it ARE NOT really the target audience. They are the converts or existing followers of Holistic Healthy Aging paying attention to Mental Wellbeing, Physical, Financial, etc. Those who COULD NOT COME, or DID NOT COME due to ignorance or 'lack of time' (more like: lack of priority) NEED to KNOW about this initiative as they are most likely to benefit the MOST from adopting and living their lives after using the DIY Toolkit to find out the areas to work on!;

2. there is obviously a need to have Mandarin speakers, and one of my fellow Health Ambassadors rightly pointed out the need to have them in dialect as many elders that can benefit a lot from this DIY Toolkit only speak their own dialect! For me, those already past 65 years old, it may be a more difficult push. It is definitely worth the while to START working on those just reached 50 years old to stay 'brainwashing' or influencing them to think about 'Ageing WELL', the slogan of the Council of the 3rd Age (C3A). Help them to understand what is 'Ageing WELL?' Then hopefully let them DISCOVER for themselves what they want to work on the 'age well' and be graceful, be happy, feeling useful, be healthy (mental, physical and finance), and be inspiring!;

3. It is gratifying to learn from the 3 Speakers the following KEY messages:
a. Open your arms to accept; Open your minds to grow; and Open your heart to appreciate;
b. research shows that happiness can be learned!;
c. life in NOT in this vertical version of Learning then Working then Retirement! The new paradigm is the same 3 elements laid out in horizontal fashion where: at each age, we learn/work/retire (or more accurately: relax) continuously though maybe with some fluctuations in between the 3 elements. e.g. learn more when very young; learning still but working harder when at age 30-49 and some relaxation; learning still but working a little less with more relaxation after age 50 or 65 or 75?

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