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Friday, October 2, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 01 October 2015 - New Cabinet Sworn In

"PM Lee and Singapore's new Cabinet sworn in - CNA 01 October 2015

Prime Minister Lee says his new Cabinet, with a combination of experienced and new ministers is designed to face complex challenges for Singapore that require fresh and bold ideas and close coordination across multiple agencies."

Congratulations to the appointees, ALL.

To do:

1. First Economy, since we can't live in an urbane society without commercial activities and money! Hopefully this is NOT the 'be all and end all' as human being can't live money. Human being lives with other human beings. Some are less successful in making money than the others!

a. to encourage the young to be risks takers and be entrepreneurs and create jobs for other less entrepreneurial! Many efforts had been done here. Yet, the dominant enterprises in Singapore local market are STILL the BIG GLCs, NLCs and TLCs!;

b. to bring up the level of the SME owners so that they are not 'frogs in the wall' but bold visionary entrepreneurs that can grow into Singapore MNCs. Maybe the next general SME owners need to be in that mode! The existing and older ones are probably too stuck in their old mind-set to make the positive change! Some initiatives like that taken by SPRING on growing the 1000 SMEs is in the right direction, just wonder what are the status/progress made thus far?;

c. to raise the competitiveness of our local talent so that MOST, if not ALL, foreign MNCs/enterprises WILL choose our LTs as the FIRST CHOICE instead of thinking about filling jobs, even mid-level PMEs, with foreigners. This SHOULD be easy SINCE we have NUS ranked at No. 1 in Asia NOW! Not to mention OUR proud claim of a WORLD CLASS educational system!;

d. IF jobs are NOT being created fast enough for the thousands of graduates we are churning out, we better have a plan to deploy these young and restless graduates before they become disillusion and start blaming the government!! e.g. job sharing with low pay in a lower cost of living nation!

2. development of gracefulness - in aging well, in showing mutual respects to each other regardless of race/religion/language/status in life/etc. Cutting out the EXCESSES and realising that 'Less is MORE' going forward. This means re-defining what is 'economic successes'!!

When Singaporeans are graceful, a lot of related national development objectives just done too. e.g. being graceful to clean after ourselves after meals will mean less low paying cleaning jobs e.g. being graceful to look after the less advantage and the have-nots means knowing there is NO NEED to have maximization of profit as long as it is 'reasonable'.

3. development of political maturity - not sure if this will be high on the government's agenda as keeping the nation one runs by a dominant party seems to be firm belief of the PAP government. Will the voters be matured enough in the next GE given that the unique once 50-year events in the GE2015 like the passing of ex-MM/SM/PM Lee, the SG50, and the SEA Game bonanza that created a sense of pride in the country and being Singaporean.

Once again, congratulation to the NEW Cabinet. A lot of work ahead to be done. All the best. Hopefully the opposition party's MPs will continue to play as 'I am here and you cannot just ignored me' role to at least remind the government to think deeper and harder when introducing national policies.


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