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Friday, October 30, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 29 October 2015 - Hague court agrees to take up South China Sea row

"Hague court agrees to take up South China Sea row - AFP 29 October 2015

THE HAGUE: An international tribunal on Thursday dealt a blow to China, ruling it had the power to hear a case brought by the Philippines over disputed islands in the South China Sea.

"Reviewing the claims submitted by the Philippines, the tribunal has rejected the argument" by China that the "dispute is actually about sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea and therefore beyond the tribunal's jurisdiction," the court said in a statement."

Well, this is the preferred route for smaller nations in settling international territorial disputes as the big and powerful countries can, and do, normally 'bullied' their way around!

This is the route steadfastly preferred by Singapore in its territorial disputes with Malaysia over the 'Little White Rock' a few years ago; and Singapore has been urging China and other Asean countries go through this route to settle the hotly contested and controversial South China Sea territorial disputes.

It will be interesting to see IF China will abide by whatever ruling this International Tribunal will pass, especially when it is against its favour!

p/s: China just abolished its decades old '0ne-child Policy' supposedly to boost the growth of its economy. As some 'experts' had mentioned, and warned, in the past, Mother Earth is already straining and WOULD NOT be able to support MORE, let alone another 500m babies from China in the next few years!! Of course, it is very likely that its citizens will NOT want to have MORE babies as it is NOW an 'advance country'!!

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